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Sakai 11 Introduction for Faculty and Staff


Accessing and logging on to your Wayne State College Online course

Faculty and Staff should access WSC Online courses via eCampus. Underneath the Online Resources drop-down menu, select Sakai 11 You will be directed to the Sakai Home page. Click on the tabs at the top of the page to enter your online classes (course site). If you do not see any courses across the top, click on the Sites menu in the top right and select the course. Or, if you have not created your course, click the Create New Site button and create the course. If you have problems logging in, go to the eCampus page and click Password Help to reset your password.  If you need additional help, contact the NATS Help Desk at 375-7107, or send an e-mail to helpdesk@wsc.edu.
For optimal performance of Sakai, please access it using the latest version of an internet browser. Sakai will work with most current browser versions, but Firefox is recommended. As well, most tablets and other mobile devices should be able to access Sakai.


Sakai Introduction

(Microsoft Stream is a part of Office 365. Use your WSC username and password to login.)

Following is a brief overview of features and how to navigate Sakai 11:

    • If you do not see a particular course on the Navigation Bar, click on the Sites menu in the top, right and select the course. Or, if you have not created your course, click the Create New Site button and create the course. Courses are available in Sakai 30 days before the start of the semester. 
    • The Tool Bar is a column along the left side of the screen with links for each available tool (e.g., Announcements, Forums, and Resources). Click the tool's name to go into the corresponding tool.
    • The Overview tool on the Tool bar takes you to the homepage for the course site you are in. The Overview tool can contain a list of recent announcements, recent discussion items, and selected resources.  
    • Navigation tutorial
         o A tutorial for how to navigate Sakai appears the first time a user logs into Sakai.
         o This tutorial can be accessed anytime by clicking on the person icon and then selecting Tutorial from the drop-down menu.


Sakai Course Creation

(Microsoft Stream is a part of Office 365. Use your WSC username and password to login.)
1. Click on Worksite Setup and then select New (kind of hard to see -- it's in a menu bar right under the Worksite Setup header).
2. If you’re a faculty member with active, recent or upcoming classes, select Course site and pull down the Academic term menu to select the term you want. Most courses will be listed under the Regular session. Others will be listed under session-specific headings, such as Eight Week 1, etc.
Or If you’re a staff member (or a faculty member who wants to set up a class before the semester courses are available) select Project site.
3. Click Continue.
4. Faculty should see a list of classes. Select a class and click continue. To combine classes into one course, select more than one and continue.
5. Check the course title and click Continue. You'll see a list of tools next. You can add or remove any of these in the class later, but you should start with:
Tests & Quizzes
Note: The Statistics and Online Student Resources tool are automatically added into every course. 

6. To import content from another course, click Re-use materials from other sites at the bottom of the Tools page and select the class(es) from which you want to import content. You can also import content after you have set the class up. See instructions below.
7. Click Continue to proceed with the class setup.

8. Publish site should be checked, Global Access “Limited to whom I add manually.”
Or, if you don’t want to publish your site yet, select Leave as Draft.
9. Click Continue.
10. Confirm that you have added all the tools you need for your course and click Create Site.
Note: If you forgot to add a tool, click the back button twice to get back to the tools page and check the box next to the tool(s) you would like to add. Click Continue twice and select Create Site to finish. 
11. Click on the course name in the yellow box to enter the course.

Using Tools:

Site Info

The Site Info page is the settings, so to speak, of your class.

To see your roster, click Site Info and scroll down. At the bottom of the page is a list of everyone enrolled into the course.
To add more toolsclick the Manage Tools tab.
You'll also see Add Participants in Site Info. In Other Official Participants you can add the WSC username of any faculty/staff/student member you wish to access the course (embedded librarians, for example); under Non-official Participants, you can add the email address of anyone off-campus you wish to participate in the course, assign it a role, and Sakai will send the participant an email with login instructions and auto-generated password (you can do this for yourself with a non-WSC email address so you can see things as a student). You’ll see an option for sending email notification. Choose appropriately. Continue and Finish.

To publish your courseclick Publish Now in the upper, left corner of the course.

Manage Groups allows you to create student groups within the class. You can limit access to specific groups in Forums, Tests & Quizzes, and Assignments.

On the Site info page you can also:
Edit the site information – what appears on the home page of your online class.
Import from site – import material from other classes you own.

Importing content from another class
To import content from another class, click the Import from Site button on the Site Info page. Click I would like to replace my data if you want to import the content and erase what you currently have in those tools. Or, you can merge your data to add your content to existing content in your course. Select the class from which you want to import content, and click Continue. Then, select the tools from which you want to bring content  into the new course and click Finish. Assignments, tests and forum topics will appear in your new class in draft mode. Just open the settings for each and click Save to make the items active.


Create/edit. Add a title. The “Add” function lets you copy and paste the syllabus or add it as an attachment. Redirect allows you to link to a syllabus on the academic website. Note the options for Public View or Site only, and email notification. Click Post.

Important: for pasting from Word into the Syllabus tool, or any other tool, copy from Word and click on the Paste from Word button. It’s in the top row of tools in the Sakai text editor – a little clipboard with a blue W. This will pop up another box. Paste into that box (Ctrl-V) and click OK. If you don’t do this you’ll probably get unnecessary and annoying code from the Word file. Make sure your students know this too.


Click Add and enter title, dates, times and info.


Click add and enter info.  The Assignment tool has a feature that automatically adds an announcement.


Add files, links, web links, create web pages. Add folders for organization purposes.


Click Add. Includes option to automatically add an announcement and the due date to the Schedule.

Tests & Quizzes

Allows you to create quizzes by copying and pasting from Word, with proper formatting. The format for a basic multiple-choice test is:
1. (10 points)
Who was the first president of the United States?
*a. Washington
b. Jefferson
c. Lincoln
d. Clinton
Enter a title, and click Create using markup text. Scroll down, and click links under Instructions & Examples for other formats. Set up your quiz in Word with the appropriate format(s), copy and paste into the Questions window. Click Next to continue quiz setup.

When taking tests in Sakai, students should use Firefox; make sure they have a solid internet connection; finish the test once they start it; and not browse away from the test or open new tabs or browser windows.  

Chat Room

Typical chat room. Messages will stay up for up to three days.


Used for class discussion. Best to set up one main forum and add topics beneath. Students can post only to topics, not to a forum alone. Permission settings allow only certain students or groups to access certain topics. Main Forum permissions should be set to None for class/students. Topic permissions should be set to Contributor for class/students, or student groups. 

The Forum tool by default automatically notifies by email when a new thread has been posted. To turn this feature off, click Watch at the top of the main Forum page, select No Notification, and Save.
An internal mail system – meaning you have to be logged in to the class to access it. It does have the option to send messages to external email addresses, but users cannot respond directly to messages sent that way.

Managing your courses

At the end of a semester, you can either delete your courses and/or make duplicate backups to save. If you do not delete your course or Unpublish it, you and your students will be removed from course 150 days after grades are due. 

To duplicate course content, go into the course, go to Site Info, and click Duplicate Site. Enter a title, and click Duplicate. Then you can go to My Workspace, select the original course, and click Delete (toward the top of the page). The duplicate will contain all the content you built into the course, but no student lists or nothing added by students. If you don’t want to duplicate a course, you can just delete it. If you don’t delete a course, students will continue to have access to it.

To manage which courses appear in the tabs at the top of the screen, go to Sites and click the Star next each course or project site you would like across the top. Unstar any you do not want to see. To arrange the order of your courses and project sites from left to right across the top, click the Organize Favorites tab and click the three horizontal lines to the right of the site title to make it higher or lower on the list. The higher the site is on the list the further left the site is across the top and vice versa. Once you have your course and project sites arranged how you would like, click the X to close the window and click Reload to reload the page. 

Last Updated: 3/30/18