Wayne State College

Campus Cable TV FAQs


Can a laptop with a TV tuner installed be used to watch TV?

Yes. A QAM tuner that can receive a digital HD or digital SD signal will work.


Do I need a converter box to receive the HD channels?

No. You do not need a converter box to receive the HD channels if you have an HD compatible TV with a QAM tuner


Why does my TV tune in about half of the channels, but not all of them?

Some TV's may not tune in all of the channels depending on how your TV was manufactured. This is a problem with the tuner on the TV. You will need to contact the manufacturer with the TV model number and date of purchase to get their recommendation for a solution or upgrade procedure.


Will a DVR work with TV?

If the tuner in your DVR supports signals transmitted in a clear QAM format, then it will be able to receive and record all of the digital and HD channels (there is an exception with TiVo DVR...see below).


Will a TiVo DVR work with TV?

Yes, with one exception. The tuner in a TiVo DVR does not recognize channel numbers that have a dash or dot in the number such as 2.1 3.1 etc. These channels use local channel numbers and we have to carry them with this numbering format. The TiVo box will tune them in but you will only be able to record specific day and date shows. You will not be able to set the TiVo box to automatically record a whole season and instead will have to ask it to record each episode individually.


Are all Channels in HD?

No. While all channels are now 100% digital and should result in a cleaner picture (around DVD Quality), 65 of the channels are offered in HD. The local channel HD offerings depend on how that station will broadcast their signal at different times so it is possible that there are times a channel will broadcast in HD and other times in SD.

Please contact the Campus Service Center at 402-375-7107 or visit us in the library if you are still having problems.


Last Updated: 9/11/2019