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Adobe Creative Cloud Install - Windows 7, 8, 10

1. Click this Adobe Creative Cloud Install link to open the installcc file window.
2. Double-click the installcc file to begin the install process.
Adobe creative cloud windows 10 install cc
3. A black Command window will appear and begin running a Command prompt.
Adobe creative cloud windows 10 command prompt
Note: It may take up to 30 seconds before the Command window appears. Please be patient. 
4. An Adobe Creative Cloud Install will be appear with a status bar that will fill as the install progresses.
Adobe creative cloud windows 10 install status bar
5. Once the Adobe Creative Cloud has installed, click the Sign In with an Enterprise ID text.
Sign in with an Enterprise ID
6. Type your WSC email address in the text box and hit Enter on your keyboard. You will be directed to select your account type. You do not need to type your WSC password. 
Adobe Creative Cloud sign in wsc email
7. Select Enterprise ID as your account type.
Adobe Creative Cloud Enterprise ID account
8. Type your WSC username and password in the text boxes to sign in. 
WSC Single Sign On
9. Click the Apps tab at the top and click the Install box next to the app you want to install.
Adobe creative cloud apps install
Note: You can only install one app at a time. 
10. Once you have installed all of the apps, select the X to close out of the Adobe Creative Cloud.
11. Your apps will be available to open and use individually or you can open the app in the Adobe Creative Cloud.
Adobe creative cloud apps open
Note: You will receive notifications from the Adobe Creative Cloud when there are updates for the apps you have installed. You will have to login into Adobe Creative Cloud to install the updates.

Last Updated: 9/5/17