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Data Classification and Systems Matrix

The Data Classification and Systems Data Storage Matrix is a tool designed to:

  1. Help people on campus understand which systems they can safely use to store particular types of data
  2. Identify business processes which require interaction with High Risk data elements and initiate conversations with NATS about how those processes could be improved to enhance security
  3. Provide a framework for conversations on campus about data security in general

Please examine one (or both) of the framework documents.  The abbreviated version describes those systems which are most commonly used by faculty and students.  The full version includes many other systems used by offices throughout campus. 

Data classification-systems matrix BRIEF [pdf]

Data classification-systems matrix FULL [pdf]

We would like your feedback on the tool in a number of areas:

  1. Are there types of data that you frequently use that aren’t accounted for on the left hand side of the document?
  2. Are there systems you use that aren’t accounted for along the top of the (full) document?
  3. Are there processes that you currently do that the document identifies as unsafe?

Please keep in mind that the Matrix is not a policy, it is a tool to foster discussion about security and business processes.  There may be policy that does arise from the discussions about how we best secure our data, so this is our opportunity as a campus to ensure that any eventual policy helps rather than hinders our ability to do our work in a secure fashion.


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Last Updated: 6/28/2017