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Campus Mass Email Procedures



This procedure outlines the allowed and appropriate use of faculty/staff email to reach a campus wide audience.



WSC Faculty and Staff.


Campus mass email procedures

In order to optimize and streamline campus communication, WSC restricts the practice of sending campus wide emails (emails to all WSC faculty and/or staff) to the members of the President’s Staff (plus their designees as submitted to the Office of College Relations):

      • President

      • Vice President for Academic Affairs

      • Vice President for Administration and Finance

      • Vice President for Student Affairs

      • Chief Executive Officer of the Wayne State Foundation

      • Director of College Relations

      • Vice President for Enrollment Management

      • Director of Human Resources

      • Athletic Director

      • Chief Information Officer

This procedure applies to use of centrally maintained address book groups, such as  All_Campus_Faculty_and_Staff, to privately maintained address book groups, and to emails addressed directly to most or all of the campus employee community.

For the purposes of this policy, employees with proxy access to the email of a member of President’s staff may send campus wide e-mails when authorized to do so by the owner of the email address.

All other campus employees who have information they would like to have shared with campus as a whole should work with the Office of College Relations or their representative member of President’s Staff.

Last Updated: 6/30/2023