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Disaster Recovery Data Retention Procedures


This procedure outlines the processes surrounding the retention of data for the purposes of both disaster recovery and historical data retrieval.

When was this procedure updated?

Oct. 26, 2017

Who should read this procedure?

WSC Faculty, Staff and Students.

Data retention procedures

Disaster Recovery data retention at WSC is done for two primary purposes and is accomplished with two distinct mechanisms: Backup and Archive. Data backed up under this policy is not to be considered for records management purposes.


Data from all servers is backed up multiple times per day and data is retained based on the age of the backup. Backups are designed to help the institution recover from server failure, user deletion/damage of files or catastrophic damage to the data center. Backups are kept on the Wayne State Campus, as well as copied to a remote site for disaster recovery purposes.

  • System file system data is kept for 60 days.
  • User file system (J:, G:, etc) data is kept for 180 days.
  • Microsoft SQL data (PDR, EMAS, Raiser’s Edge, etc.) is backed up with a full database backup multiple times per day and are retained for 90 days.
  • MySQL data (Jadu, etc.) is backed up with a full database backup multiple times per day and are retained for 90 days.
  • Outlook email items that are deleted and emptied from ‘Deleted Items’ can be recovered for 10 days.
  • Documents deleted in OneDrive are moved to the recycle bin where they are retained for 90 days before being removed.  OneDrive also keeps a document change history of 500 versions.


Data from file servers (J:, G: etc) is archived at the end of each quarter. Archives are designed to provide long term data retrieval for lost/deleted data that isn’t immediately noticed or forensic purposes.

  • Outlook email is not archived.
  • SQL servers are not archived.
  • Quarterly archives are retained for 18 months (6 quarters).
  • OneDrive is not archived.

Last Updated: 10/26/2017