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Regular System Maintenance Window Policy

1. WildcatsOnline Update:

Regular System Maintenances:

  • Every Monday morning from 1am to 7am and

  • Every third Sunday of each month from 6am to 12pm

WildcatsOnline has a short weekly downtime on Monday mornings from 1 am to 7 am to make any necessary changes to the system. On the third Sunday of every month between 6 am and 12 pm WildcatsOnline will be unavailable for required updates and system maintenance. Please note that downtimes are usually shorter than indicated and sometimes these downtimes do not occur at all.


2. On-campus Servers Update:

Regular System Maintenance:

  • Every Wednesday morning from 5am to 7am

On-campus servers will have a short weekly downtime every Wednesday morning from 5am to 7am. This may include a short downtime to services early in the morning as hardware is updated at NATS.

Exception:  Voicemail Service

  • Every Thursday morning from 3am to 5am


3. Windows Update Wednesdays:

Regular System Maintenance:

  • Every morning of the Wednesday after the second Tuesday of the month.

Windows Update Wednesdays will take place Wednesdays after the second Tuesday of the month. Updates will be sent out to Windows computers across the Wayne State campus. 

As a reminder, here is some guidance on how these updates will affect your computer and what you can do to work through the process without significant interruption to your work.
1) If a computer is on during the day on an Update Wednesday, it will check in with the Windows Update server and silently download the required updates in the background. On Wednesday evening when you leave for the day, the "Shutdown" option will change to "Install Updates and Shutdown." This is your opportunity to install updates with as little disruption to your work as possible and let the computer do the work while you're headed home.
2) If you forget to shut down on an update Wednesday evening, don't panic! Thursdays after update Wednesdays work pretty much the same way, with one exception. Some updates have required follow-up updates themselves! (No, it doesn't make much sense to us, either.) On those occasions, if you didn't install updates on Wednesday evening, you will still have more updates pending on Friday morning, which means.....
3) On Friday morning, if the system isn't finished installing updates, the system will force you to install updates and reboot. We realize this is very annoying, but we do have to ensure that computers are kept up to date from a security perspective. This is why doing updates Wednesday night is less annoying. You've got two "I'm leaving now, please do this without me" opportunities in case there are follow-up updates.
4) For those of you caring for lab computers, your safe bet to minimize disruption to Friday classes is to ensure that the computers are on during the day of an Update Wednesday and Thursday, and shut down properly on those evenings.
5) You can always accelerate this process by rebooting during the day on Wednesday or Thursday at a time convenient to you. The only time you will be forced to reboot is if the system still has pending updates on Friday morning (or updates from a previous week if you've been out of the office for a time).
6) If you're following these procedures and you're still being forced to reboot at an inconvenient time on Friday morning, please do let us know by calling the Help Desk (375-7107). We'll look through the logs and work with you to figure out what's going wrong!
7) Laptops will only download updates when connected to wireless.
8) Laptops must be plugged into a power source for the "Install Updates and Shutdown" option to be available.  Updates will still download in the background when on battery, and you can manually install downloaded updates while on battery power by going to Start/Control Panel/Windows Updates.

Last Updated: 5/17/2018