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IT Endpoint Protection policy


This procedure outlines the process for providing secure access for remote vendors and/or service providers to premise installed system components. 

When Was This Policy Written? 

March 26, 2017 

When Was This Policy Updated? 


Who Should Read This Procedure? 

WSC NATS staff 


This policy applies to security measures applied to Wayne State College owned devices, identified by platform/operating system 

  • Windows (desktop/notebook/tablet) 
    • Anti-virus/malware 
      • Anti-virus/malware is installed, configured by policy, and enabled by default 
      • Clients check for signature updates hourly 
      • Currently using McAfee products 
    • Patching 
      • Endpoints are configured via Group Policy Object to accept Windows Updates from a campus repository 
      • Currently using WSUS 
      • Updates are released to campus in accordance with the Regular System Maintenance Window Policy (https://www.wsc.edu/info/20041/network_and_technology_services/149/procedures/5) 
    • Endpoint device firewall 
      • Windows Firewall is enabled and configured by Group Policy Object 
  • Macintosh OS-OSX (desktop/notebook) 
    • Anti-virus/malware 
      • Not needed 
    • Patching 
      • Semi-annual OS upgrades/patching 
    • Endpoint device firewall 
      • OS defaults 
  • iOS 
    • Placeholder 
  • Android 
    • Placeholder 

Last Updated: 5/22/2017