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Faculty-Staff Account Creation-Deletion Procedures

When Was This Procedure Updated?
Written August 12, 2014.

Who Should Read This Procedure?
This procedure applies to all WSC faculty and staff, particularly persons involved in account creation/moving/disabling/deletion as well as WSC Supervisors.

What Does This Procedure Apply To?
This procedure applies to the creation, disabling, and deletion of WSC Campus Network accounts for faculty and staff.

  • Level 1 account
    Student or guest accounts authorized for Basic Services and access to personal data
  • Level 2 account
    Faculty, staff with access to appropriate data only within their organizational unit or class
  • Level 3 account
    Staff with access to appropriate data across the institution
  • Basic Services
    Access to the wireless network, network storage, and e-mail

Provisioning (granting access)

Account Creation

Accounts for faculty and staff are tied to the receipt of employment documentation (contract, I-9, etc.) in the HR office.  The existence of these documents is indicated to other areas on campus by the association between a person and a position in SAP.  Accounts may be created and made available to the incoming employee prior to the first day of employment (contract start date as defined in SAP) to facilitate voluntary work of an incoming employee to adequately prepare for the first day of employment.  This is particularly valuable for incoming faculty who are teaching online.  Accounts shall be created no more than 42 days in advance of the first day of employment.

Granting Authorization

Level 1 and 2 accounts can be authorized to access systems (WildcatsOnline, etc.) as soon as their accounts have been created.

Level 3 accounts will be given only Basic Services until the first working day of their contract, at which time all appropriate access will be granted.

De-provisioning (removing access)

Account Disabling

Normal process
Accounts for faculty and staff will be disabled 90 days after the expiration of the most recent existing faculty or staff contract.  Several mechanisms, including Employee Service Award and Emeritus status, exist to provide extended access to basic IT services post-employment.  Each of these mechanisms have their own requirements for provided services and duration, which may delay or cancel an account disable.

Expedited process
Upon request by the Human Resources office, the President or NSC System Office legal counsel, accounts may be disabled manually and immediately regardless of status of the contract within SAP.   

Removing Authorization

Removal of level 3 authorization will be done in conjunction the end of contract.  Removal of level 2 authorizations will be done in conjunction with disabling of accounts.  In the case of extended access without a contract (for any of the reasons listed above), all authorization will be removed from the account except Basic Services.

Account Deletion

Accounts can be deleted by Network and Technology Services Staff in compliance with records retention guidelines

Last Updated: 8/12/2014