Wayne State College

Filr - Mobile Device - Android app

To download and install the Filr app on your Android device follow the directions below.

1. Install Filr by clicking here or searching for it in the Google Play Store.

2. Once the app has downloaded, click the Open button to launch the Filr app.

3. Next, type your WSC username and password.

4. Then, type filr.wsc.edu for the Server IP Address and click Sign in.

5. To view your personal files (J: drive), tap the My Files button at the top of the screen or to view your shared folders (G: drive), tap the Multiple Folders icon twice and tap the Net Folders button at the top of the screen.

Or if you are already in your Personal Folder, select the Net Folder at the bottom of the screen and click the G Drive.

6. To sign out, click Your Name in the top, right corner and select Sign Out.


Last Updated: 10/4/2019