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Filr - Managing Files

Step 1: Download a Single File

1. Navigate your folders to find the file you wish to download.

2. Click the name of the file.

Filr Name Click

Note: The download should be instantaneous. If not, click the drop down arrow, and click Download File.

3. Click on the downloaded tab to open the file.

4. Click Save As to save the file to your desktop.


Step 2: Downloading Multiple Files

1. Navigate to the folder with the files you wish to download.

2. Click on the drop down arrow next to the folder name.

3. Click Download All Files as Zip.

Filr download zip

4. Save .zip file to your desktop, and extract it.


Step 3. Downloading and Editing a File

1. Download the file to your workstation.

2. Edit the file as desired and save with the original name.

3. In Filr, click the Add Files button.

Filr Add File4. In the new window, click the Browse button OR drag the file into the box.

Filr Drag and Drop

5. In the File Conflicts box that appears, click Overwrite Files to replace the file already uploaded in Filr.

Filr Overwrite Files

6. The old file will be replaced with the file uploaded.


Step 4: Renaming a File

1. Navigate your folders to the file you wish to rename.

2. Next to the file, click the drop down arrows.

3. Scroll down and click Rename File.Filr Rename File4. Type in the new name and click OK.


Step 5: Moving a File

IMPORTANT: Any shares associated with this file are removed when moving a file from your My Files area to a Net Folder, or from a Net Folder to your My Files area. This means that this file will no longer be displayed in users’ Shared with Me and Shared by Me areas after it is moved.

1. Navigate your folders to the file you wish to move.

2. Click the checkbox to the left of the folder/folders that are going to be moved.

3. Click on the More button.Filr Move File4. In the drop down menu, click Move.

Filr Move

5. Click the Browse button OR

6. Type in the new destination for the file.

7. Click OK.


Step 6: Copying Files

1. Navigate your folders to find the file/files you wish to copy.

2. Click the checkboxes to the side of the file/files being copied.

3. Click the More button and click Copy.

Filr Copy File4. In the pop-up box, type in the folder you wish to copy your file to OR

5. Click the Browse button.

Filr Copy

6. Click OK.


Step 7: Deleting a File

1. Navigate your folders to the file/files you wish to delete.

2. Click the checkboxes to the side of file/files being deleted.

3. Click the Delete button.

Filr Delete FileImportant: Deleted files cannot be recovered.

4. In the new pop-up, click OK.




Last Updated: 9/11/2019