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Outlook - Profile Creation - Faculty/Staff

 Microsoft Outlook will be your new email program. It is installed as part of Office 2016. On the day of your migration, you will need to setup a new email profile for outlook to use:
1. On your office computer, click the Windows icon in the lower left.
2. Go to Control Panel.

Windows7 control panel

3. In the search box in the upper right, type Mail.

Windows7 control panel search

4. Click the Mail (32-bit) icon.

Windows7 control panel search mail

5. Click Show Profiles.
Windows7 mail show profiles
6. Click add and type Outlook for a name, click ok.
Windows7 mail add profile
7. The add account box will come up and walk you through the setup.
Windows7 mail add outlook auto account setup
8. When it says “congratulations, your email account is ready to use”, click .
9. At the profile screen, where it says “always use this profile", change it to Outlook.
Windows7 mail always use profile
10. Click ok.
You can now open up outlook, by clicking on the Windows icon in the lower left. Select All Programs > Microsoft Office folder > Outlook.  

Last Updated: 7/21/216