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GroupWise - Move Archive to Outlook - Faculty/Staff

If you have a GroupWise archive and would like to have it migrated as well, we will need to collect some information from you. The archive will be migrated in a separate process within a day or two of your migration. In the Exchange system, archives are stored on the server, not your machine.  This means they are accessible from the web interface as well as your desktop pc. 
1. Locate your PC Name, by clicking on the Windows icon in the lower left. Click on All Programs > Utilities folder > Display Computer Name  
Windows7 all programs menu
Windows7  utilities menu
Windows7 display computer name
Windows7 computer name
2. Locate your Path to your GroupWise Archive, logging into GroupWise > Go to Tools > Options > Environment. Select the File Location tab. In the box that says Archive directory, select and copy the path in the textbox 
Groupwise tools options
Groupwise tools options enivornment
Groupwise tools options enivornment file location
3. Using Outlook, please send Your PC Name and the Path to your GroupWise Archive to outlookmigration@wsc.edu
The Exchange Migration team will reply to your email request with more information about the Archive Migration process. 

Last Updated: 7/21/2016