Wayne State College

Faxing Using PaperCut

NOTE: Faxing is only available on certain Sharp copiers.

1. Login to the copier by tapping your Cat Card or by typing in your WSC username and password.

Note: These copiers have slide-out keyboards below the screen for convenience.

login screen

2. Select which account you want to charge your faxes to by tapping the corresponding budget code on the screen.


3. Tap the Fax button to open the Faxing menu.

4. Type in the phone number of where you want to send your fax.

Note: Do not use 9 when typing in the phone number. For example: 14023757000

Fax home menu

5. If you want to add a Cover Page to your Fax, tap the Faxing Options button > tap the Select Cover Page button > check the box Include GoldFax Cover Page > and fill out the Cover Page information. Tap the OK button.

Fax faxing options

Fax faxing options cover page

6. If you want to receive an email notification if your fax was successfully sent or failed, tap the Faxing Options button > tap the GoldFax Fax Options button > uncheck the box next to which notifications you do not want to receive > and type in your email addessTap the OK button.

Fax faxing options options

7. If you want to change the scanning settings, tap the Faxing Options button > tap the Adjust MFP Settings button > make your setting changes. Tap the OK button.

Fax faxing options adjust mfp settings

8. Last, tap the green Scan & Send Fax button.


Please contact the Campus Service Center at 402-375-7107 or visit us in the library for further assistance.


Last Updated: 11/25/2019