Wayne State College

VALT - Help Clinic Student

Step 1. Login to myWSC

Instructors should access VALT using Firefox or Chrome. VALT does not work with Internet Explorer.

1. Go to the WSC home page, click on myWSC at the top, and log in.

2. Click on VALT from the All Applications section.

3. Log in to VALT with your WSC username and password.


Step 2. Find a Recording

1. Click on the Review box.

Valt student home

2. Click on the Search button. This will list all recordings from the Group room, Gold room, BE 306, BE 301, BE 201, BE 204, and BE 217.

Valt review menu

Note: All recordings started by pressing the Push Button in one of the counseling rooms will have the Recording Name of IO Recording.

Note: You will not have access to any recording made by pressing one of the push buttons until an instructor has logged into VALT and given you permission to view the video. (For how to give a student permission to view a video, please see the Help Clinic Instructor Help Sheet.)


Step 3. Narrow Down Search Results

1. To search for recordings by a specific room, recording name, author, etc. a Filter can be created. To create a Filter, click on the Filter button and select Add New Filter.

Valt review menu

Note: Each Filter is saved and can be used multiple times by clicking the Filter button and selecting the Filter name.

2. A new window will appear. Type in a Filter Name. (Ex. If you are going to search for a recording in a specific room, then you could name the filter after that room.)

Valt review filter

3. Add search information by clicking the +Add button, Room tab, Author tab, or the Date tab. The more information you add, the narrower the search will be.

4. Click the Save button.

Note: To create a filter to find recordings made by the Push Buttons in the rooms, type in a filter name > select the Author tab > check the box next to I/O Records > and click Save.


Step 4. Allow Student or Instructor to See Recording

1. To select who can view the recording, find the recording you want to change, click on the Options button and click on Information in the drop-down menu.

Valt review options

2. Click on the Sharing tab across the top of the new window.

3. Click on the + to expand a list of users in that group.

Note: Users are listed by their WSC username.

4. Check the box next to the user you want to allow to see the recording.

5. Click the Update button.

Note: You can't give yourself permission to view a recording. An instructor must give you permission. You can only edit the permission settings for videos you already have access to.


Step 5. Watch Recording and add Marker/Comment/Feedback

1. To watch a recording, find the recording and click on the Recording Name.

Valt review menu

2. Press the Play button.

3. To add a Marker/Comment/Feedback, click the Add marker button. It will add a line to the recording at the time you added the marker. Type in information and click the Save button.

4. To view a different recording, click on the Review tab at the top and search for the recording.


Step 6. Upload Video

1. Click on the Upload box.

Valt student home

2. In the new window, click the Browse button and select the video file.

Valt upload menu

Note: The video file must be an MP4 file type. If the video is a different file type, please follow the instructions on how to change the file type.

3. Type in the Recording Name, Student Name, select Course Name, and type the Client Initials.

4. Select the Sharing tab and check the box next to the users who have permission to view the video.

5. If you need to keep the video file past the end of the semester, select the Retention tab > Uncheck the box next to Inherit and select the Keep Infinitely option.

6. Click the Upload button.

7. Contact an instructor with the file name, date and time of the video and have them give you permission to view the recording. For how to give a student permission to view a video, please see the Help Clinic Instructor Help Sheet.


Last Updated: 9/13/2019