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Basic Test Creation in Sakai

1.    It is recommended that you first create your test questions in Microsoft Word or Notepad using the format outlined on Sakai.

2.    To create Multiple Choice questions use the following format:


1. (10 points)

Who was the first president of the United States?

*a. Washington
b. Jefferson
c. Lincoln
d. Clinton

a.    Open a Word document and disable AutoFormatting. (If you need help disabling autoformatting please see the tutorial How to Remove AutoFormatting.)
b.    First, type the question number. Then type a period and put the point value in parentheses that you want the question to be worth. Example:

1. (10 points)

c.    Next, eliminate the spacing after the line (If you need help disabling autoformatting please the tutorial How to Remove AutoFormatting.):
d.    Hit return to start a new line and hit delete to go back up to the line just under the question number and point value.
e.    Type the question you want your student to answer followed with a question mark.
f.    Hit return twice to start a new line two places down then type an a with a period with one space and type the answer option.


a.  Washington

g.    Repeat the process for each answer option.

h.   Go back up to the correct answer and type * in front of the letter for the correct answer. (See example above)
i.    To add more multiple choice questions leave a blank line between the previous answer and the next question and repeat the question writing format. (To add questions other than multiple choice please review the Instructions for Creating a Question Pool tutorial.)
j.    Once you have created all of your questions, select all of the questions (CTRL+A) and copy (CTRL+C) them in order to paste them in the Questions textbox in a later step.

3.    Log in to Sakai and select the Tests & Quizzes tool within your class.

4.    Enter a title for your assessment, select Create using markup text, choose the type of assessment from the drop-down menu, and click Create.

Basic Test 1

5.    Paste (CTRL-V) the test questions into the questions textbox and click Next. (See Instructions for Creating Test Questions for detailed instructions.)

Basic test 2

6.    Review the questions created. If mistakes are found, click the Back button, fix the errors, and click Next to get back to this page. Once everything is correct click Create Assessment.

Basic test 3

7.    A new Assessment is created with your assessment title.

Basic test 4

8.    Next, select the drop-down menu to the left of your test and click Settings.
Basic test 5

9.    Click Delivery Dates and set the times the assessment is available. Click the Calendar box to set the correct time/date format. The Retract Date is optional.
Basic test 6

10.    Click Assessment Organization, and select your Navigation, Question Layout and Numbering Options.

a.    Under Navigation, select Random access to questions from a Table of Contents.
b.    Under Question Layout, you have three options. The first is having one question per page. The second is each part is on a separate page. You would have to create these parts under the question pool. (See the tutorial Instructions for Creating a Question Pool.)
c.    Under Numbering, select Continuous numbering between parts.

11.    Click Feedback, and select your Feedback Delivery Options.

a.    Under Feedback Authoring, select Question Level Feedback.
Under Feedback Delivery, you have four options. The first option is to give students immediate access to the answers and/or your comments. The second is giving students’ feedback after they submit their completed assessment. The third option is to give no feedback and/or no answers to the assessment. The last option is to give feedback on a specified date using the calendar button.

12. Click Grading, and select Students’ Identities, Gradebook Options and Recorded
Score If Multiple Submissions per User.

a. Under Student Identities, select whether or not you want to know the name of
the student you are grading or want it to be anonymous.
b. Under Gradebook Options, select whether or not you want the assessment to
create an entry in the gradebook and send the scores to gradebook
c. If you have multiple attempts as an option on your assessment, under the
Recorded Score If Multiple Submissions per User, select whether or not you
want the highest score recorded or the last score recorded.

13. Last, click Save Settings and Publish.

Basic test 8

14. Then review your Settings, select whether or not to send notification of the assessment
to students from the drop-down menu, and click Publish.

15. Your test will appear in a structure using tabs. The Working Copies tab (formerly known
as Pending Assessments) is more clearly contrasted against the Published Copies tab.
The Working copies are not released to students, while the Published Copies have been released
to students.

Last Updated: 9/9/2015