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Turnitin logo Instructor Help Sheet

Turnitin provides originality checking services. OriginalityCheck compares submitted papers for matches or similar text to information available in repositories used by Turnitin. The results of this comparison are displayed in an Originality Report. Turnitin is used only in a Sakai course.

To add the Turnitin tool to a course:

1. Login to Sakai and open your course. In a Sakai class, go to Site Info > Edit Tools > add an External Tool. Name it whatever you want, or you can add a name later. Click Continue, and Finish.

Note: Only 1 assignment can be used in a Turnitin tool. To use Turnitin for a second assignment another Turnitin tool must be created. (Repeat step 1 for each assignment you want Turnitin to create an Originality Report for.)

2. Click the Turnitin tool you just added, and then click the Edit button in the upper right corner – icon looks like a piece of paper and a pencil.

3. Copy and paste the following into the corresponding fields:

    a. Remote Tool URL: https://api.turnitin.com/api/lti/1p0/assignment

    b. Remote Tool Key: 97174

    c. Remote Tool Secret: A982745A

Note: You can name or rename the tool title, if needed. Also, the Create Gradebook Item does not create a gradebook item in the Sakai class. Don’t use it.

Turnitin instructor 1

4. Then, make sure these 2 options are checked under Releasing Roster Information:

    a. Send Names to External Tool

    b. Send Email Address to the External Tool

5. Last, click Update Options.

To create an Assignment in Turnitin:

1. Click on Settings.

2. Give the Assignment a Title.

3. Provide any instructions.

4. Set the Start/Due/Feedback Dates.

5. Set the Allow submission of any file type to yes.

6. Set Optional settings.

Note:  A number of options, including late submission acceptance and when or whether you want students to see the originality reports, and resubmission are available under Optional settings.

Turnitin instructor 2

Resubmission Note: The first time a student submits a paper, the originality report is generated almost immediately; on resubmission, the report isn't generated until 24 hours later. It's a recycle process on the Turnitin end, where the original submission is cleared and the resubmission processed.

***Recommendation: With this setup of Turnitin, there's no real local storage of the students' papers, so it's recommended that you have the students turn papers in twice -- once through Turnitin, and once through Assignments. That way you can tie it to the gradebook and have an original copy of the assignment.

Last Updated: 8/6/15