Wayne State College

Update Permanent and/or Local Addresses and Name Changes


Address Changes:

All address information (permanent and local) can be updated in WildcatsOnline.

1. Go to the WSC home page, click on myWSC at the top, and log in.

2. Select WildcatsOnline from the Top Applications section.

3. Select the Profile tab.

Wildcatsonline profile

4. Select the Edit button under the Addresses section.

Wildcatsonline edit addresses

5. Click Edit to edit any current address.

Wildcatsonline select address to edit

In the Edit view, you can change the Address Type by clicking in the correct box or change other address properties. You can also select a date when the address will take effect. Click the Save Address button to save the changes or Cancel to discard any changes.

Wildcatsonline edit address type


Wildcatsonline save address

To add an address, click Add Address. Select the Address Type by clicking in the correct box then type in your new address and click Save Address. To return to the Profile tab, click Return to Profile.


Name Changes:

Name changes cannot be done in WildcatsOnline. Contact the Records & Registration office with the appropriate documents.

Provide proof of your name change via a driver’s license and one of the following:

  • certified marriage license,
  • certified divorce decree
  • or court order that proves the establishment of a new name.


Present your proof in person, via fax or email to the Records & Registration office. 


Last Updated: 11/15/2023