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Supervisor Phone Bill Procedure

1. Once the Phone Bill has been processed and submitted for review supervisors will receive an email notifying them that they can log in and Approve their Cost Centers
    a. Email content will have a link that will take the supervisor to the Webfocus Dashboard login

2. Login to the Webfocus Dashboard

3. Click on Dashboards located along the left-side of the screen

4. Select the View name Phone Bill

5. Click on Phone Bill Report button
    a. A list of your Cost Centers within the most recent billing cycle will be displayed
    b. Any already approved Cost Centers will have a user and a date supplied
    c. Any not approved Cost Centers will have user and date blank

6. Click on Review Cost Center
    a. A new page will open if the Cost Center has not been approved an approve button will be located at the top.

7. The new page will have 4 sub-reports available to run.
    a. CHARGED CALLS – Phone calls only from campus extensions

    b. TOLL FREE – Phone calls from 800 numbers

    c. ALL PHONE CALLS – Phone calls from 800 numbers as well as campus extensions
    d. ALL PHONE BILL RECORDS – Contains all phone calls with description details on the call
        i. Run ALL PHONE BILL RECORDS to view the details on the billing month’s call history
        ii. Run NON TOLL FREE and print for the hand-outs that will be given to employees to verify

8. Once the phone calls have been verified you may click the 'I have reviewed this phone bill’ button

Viewing Archived Phone Bills

1. Access the Phone Bill Dashboard using steps 1-4 above

2. Click on Phone Bill Report button

3. Click on Archived Bills

4. From the drop-down option, select the Billing period (yyyy/mm)

5. You will now be provided the list of Cost Centers and a review option

Last Updated: 6/19/15