Wayne State College

Supervisor Phone Bill Procedure 

  1. Once the Phone Bill has been processed and submitted for review, supervisors will receive an email notifying them that they can log in and approve their Cost Centers
  2. Email content will have a link that will take the supervisor to the report login
  3. Login to the Phone Bill Report using WSC Single Sign On page 

View Phone Bill Details for your Cost Center 

  1. Use the "Select Bill ID" drop down to choose the appropriate bill you would like to approve by selecting the appropriate Bill ID (yyyymm)
  2. Double click on "Details" on your Cost Center row to open the Details Report
  3. You can filter by Billing Number if you have multiple main billing numbers within your Cost Center (ex: cell phones, mobile hotspots – individual phones do not classify as separate billing numbers) 

Approve your Bill

  1. Go through the steps to view Phone Bill Details for one of your Cost Centers
  2. Double click "Approve" in the Approve Table
  3. From the new window that opens click on the link "Click here to approve below records"
  4. You can close the new window
  5. Repeat this process for each of your Cost Centers 

For more information regarding use of campus telephones, please see NSCS Policy 7025.

Last Updated: 08/15/19