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Room Schedule Displays

Twenty study rooms are now available for student use. An electronic reservation system is currently in place for 10 rooms, and more study rooms will be added to the reservation system later this fall. Rooms can be reserved by using the iPad touch screen next to the room, by contacting the Library Circulation Desk at 402-375-7258, or via WSC Outlook accounts. Other rooms that are not currently on our reservation system are available first come, first served.


Study Room Reservation Policies and Procedures

1. Study rooms can be reserved up to 14 days ahead of time via your WSC Outlook account or by contacting the Library Circulation Desk.

2. Study rooms can also be reserved on the iPad touch screens that are near the entrance of each reservable room. iPad reservations can be made 24 hours ahead of time.

3. When entering a study room, the reserving group should either check in on the reservation screen (for reservations made ahead of time) or reserve the room upon entering (for open rooms for which no prior reservation was made).

4. For reservations booked ahead of time, rooms will automatically be held for 20 minutes after the start of the reservation. If the individual who made the reservation does not arrive at the room and check in on the touch screen within 20 minutes of the start time the reservation will be automatically canceled. The room will revert to open status and will be available for use by another person.

5. The maximum reservation time for a study room is two hours (daytime), or four hours (after 5 p.m.).

6. We strongly encourage students and groups not to make excessive reservations, to the detriment of their fellow students who may also desire to reserve study rooms. Utilize them as needed. Do not reserve excessive amounts of time per week, lest the Commons become overgrazed. If study room reservations by individuals or groups are abused we may move to a "by approval only" reservation system.


The following study rooms can be reserved:

Lower Level

Library 014 - This room doubles as a video conference room, so it may occasionally be necessary to cancel standing reservations so that it can serve in this capacity. It will easily accommodate 6 or more people.  

First Floor

Library 103, 104, 105, and 106: 4-person study rooms with a computer and large TV monitor. Feel free to bring your own device and connect it to the monitor.

Second Floor

Library 221, 222, 223, and 224: 6- to 8-person rooms with large tables. 
Library 226: A 3- to 4-person room that includes a desktop computer.