Wayne State College


Filr allows you access campus network drives (personal, class/G:drive, and shared files) from personal devices and off campus through myWSC. To access Filr through myWSC, go to the WSC home page and click on the myWSC at the top. Log in to myWSC with your WSC username and password. Once logged in, scroll down and find Filr in the list of applications. Personal files are available through the My Files tab and class/G:drive files are available in the Net Folders tab. For more information refer to the help sheets below.

Filr allows access to J:Drive files, however we suggest migrating your files to OneDrive as it allows for users to access personal work files from anywhere using the OneDrive desktop, mobile, and web apps more conveniently than Filr. It also gives users the peace-of-mind knowing that any files put in the OneDrive folder on their work machines, or uploaded via the various apps, is backed up and even if the worst were to happen with their computer or the campus network, their files would be safe and still accessable online. You can find how to move your files to OneDrive here.