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Tips for Being a Successful Online Student

The following qualities are key to becoming a successful online learner at Wayne State College. The successful online learner:

Communicates well through writing.
Nearly all communication is done through writing, so students should feel confident in their writing abilities.

Is self-motivated and self-disciplined.
With online courses there is great flexibility in how and when you learn the content of a course. With that amount of flexibility, students must know how and when they learn best and commit to a routine that utilizes the best learning styles for them. Committing to a routine will take discipline and support not only from the student, but from family members and the instructor as well.

Employs critical thinking and decision making skills as part of the learning process.
As part of the learning process, students will have to use critical thought and analysis, drawing from course content and personal experiences, to make decisions and understand processes.

Is committed to 6 to 9 hours a week per 3 credit course and logs in often.
For a three-credit-hour course, students should spend a minimum of six to nine hours a week on course work.  Some of the time will be spent online and other time will be spent reading, writing and problem solving offline.  Actual study time will depend on the students’ prior background, training, experience, talents, type of text or exercise, etc.  It is important for students to visit class often.  Students may want to check daily to see if the instructor has put up a new announcement or if there is anything new in the discussion area.  

Completes all work on time.
The pace of an online course is normally fast and requires commitment on the students’ part. Staying with the pace of the class and completing all assignments on time is critical to the students’ success. Once students fall behind, it is almost impossible to catch up.

Has reliable access to a computer and the internet.

In order for students to access the class and become proficient in the content, they must have access to the required technology to complete their course work.


Minimum computer hardware and software requirements for online classes

Hardware Requirements:
A computer, either a PC or Mac running either Windows or macOS operating systems suggested. Access to a printer and/or a scanner may also be required depending on the course.

Software Requirements:
The standard software is Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Office 365 is provided through Wayne State for all student and faculty, which you can read how to install here. Multimedia software such as Media Player, QuickTime or RealPlayer and a pdf. File reader software such as Adobe Reader or Preview may also be necessary.  Faculty may require the use of special software that is bundled with the textbook or the purchase of additional software.  

Supported Operating Systems and Browsers:
For optimal performance of Canvas, please access it using the following recommended operating system and browser combinations. A PC should be running Windows 10 or later and use the latest version of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. A Mac should be running the latest version of macOS (10.11 or higher) with latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Flash Player and/or Java may be required as well.

To download the latest versions of required software click on one of the following:

- Mozilla Firefox

- Google Chrome

- Adobe Reader

- Adobe Flash Player


Netiquette guidelines

How students communicate with each other is very important in an online course.  The Netiquette rule described below must be followed to provide a supportive, positive and constructive learning environment.

All Students are expected to:

- Show respect for the instructor and for other students in the class.
- Respect the privacy of the instructor and other students.
- Express differences of opinion in a polite and rational way. Use of offensive, threatening, harassing or hostile language or a confrontational tone is never acceptable.
- Maintain an environment of constructive criticism when commenting on the work of other students.
- Avoid bringing up irrelevant topics when involved in group discussions or other collaborative activities.Use mainly lower case in posts or messages with proper capitalization rules.
- Post only positive or constructive messages.  Email your instructor if you have questions or are experiencing frustrations

A good way to avoid problems is to compose your postings off-line and reread them before sending them.  Something written in haste may not say what you really think after the heat of the moment has passed.


Campus Resources

If you need assistance, contact your instructor first. If they cannot resolve your issue, call, visit, or email the Campus Service Center at 402-375-7107, [email protected]; located first floor of the library.

Tutorial for how to use Canvas
Information on how to access and use Canvas

Holland Academic Success Center
The Holland Academic Success Center (HASC) will continue to focus upon individual students, their retention and academic success through course work, tutor programs, Early Alert and academic counseling.

Writing Help
Writing Tutors are designed to help students improve written communications and academic writing skills.

Student disability resource center
The Disability Services Office provides services for students with disabilities at Wayne State College. Disability Services are offered through the Counseling Center and include: determining eligibility for services, referral to appropriate resources and responding to requests for accommodations.

Bookstore to order textbooks or other instructional materials
The Wayne State College Bookstore provides access to products and services essential to becoming a successful student.

Library resources
The U.S. Conn Library serves the campus and the region with instructional, research and general information needs.

Guidelines for APA/MLA format of papers and/or citations
Wayne State College Conn library provides access to citation guides and resources to format papers.

Continuing Education
The Office of Distance and Continuing Education is committed to providing lifelong learning opportunities, to support non-traditional students and rural communities throughout the WSC service region, and to promoting and inspiring the academic growth, creativity, quality, and integrity of Wayne State College.

Financial Services
Student Financial Services is your one stop for your financial questions and needs.

WildcatsOnline is a PeopleSoft/Campus Solutions portal that provides real time access for students, faculty and staff to course, student and advising information. Students can use WildcatsOnline to register for classes, check financial aid, and pay their bill, view grades and unofficial transcripts, access course and advising information and much more.

Anthology Portfolio
Anthology Portfolio is a web based e-portfolio system. You will purchase a subscription from Anthology Portfolio at the WSC bookstore. This subscription will be active for five years from your first sign in date. You have the option to renew your account after this 5 year period. You will use Anthology Portfolio to create your Program Assessment Portfolio. You can also make separate e-portfolios using Anthology Portfolio for career and other purposes.

Counseling Center
The Counseling Center conduct soutreach and educational programs for the campus community with an emphasis on mental health issues. Counselors also serve as advisors to several campus clubs and organizations.

Student health
Student Health Services is committed to providing the best possible health services for our students.

Career Services
Career Services offers a variety of services and programs to assist with the career development, job search and employment needs of WSC students, graduating seniors and alumni.

Information about online MBA courses is available to prospective students.


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