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The Office of Continuing Education, in cooperation with the college's academic divisions, offers a variety of extended campus undergraduate and graduate courses at many locations around northeast Nebraska, utilizing both standard and electronic delivery media (traditional face-to-face classrooms, satellite and fiberoptic-based classrooms, as well as Internet and CD-ROM based).


Extended Campus courses are organized within a framework responsive to the needs of the public. Evening, weekend, and bi-weekly schedules are typical for classes, depending on course content, demand, and pattern of instruction. Courses are also offered via the Internet, and through the use of CD's reducing or removing the commitment of a set time and place for instruction.


Transfer agreements are in place with area community colleges in Norfolk, Columbus, and Sioux City, therefore the majority of Continuing Education courses offered by WSC are at the upper division or graduate level primarily in the areas of Business and Education. A limited number of general education and electives are also available.


Mission Statement

The Office of Continuing Education is committed to providing lifelong learning opportunities, to support non-traditional students and rural communities throughout the WSC service region, and to promoting and inspiring the academic growth, creativity, quality, and integrity of Wayne State College.



The purpose of the Office of Continuing Education at Wayne State College is to provide programs and services in a timely, practical, and accessible manner to meet the educational needs of the people in the WSC service region. Overall, the goals of the Office are to plan, promote, study, and evaluate, as well as coordinate and facilitate a variety of services: off-campus undergraduate and graduate courses as well as programs; experimental courses and pilot projects; workshops and all WSC distance education courses (telecourses and web-based classes.) It is also the purpose of this Office to collaborate with others throughout the WSC service region to create a positive image of the Office of Continuing Education and Wayne State College.


Fall, Spring, and Summer offerings are designed and scheduled in collaboration with the WSC academic departments (faculty and Department Chairs/Deans), and the Vice President of Academic Affairs who approves all offerings. In general, the Office of Continuing Education activities are designed to meet the educational needs of the people in the WSC service region with a focus on the following:

  • Adult learners with no college experience;
  • Adult learners with some prior college experience;
  • Adult learner preparing for a career change;
  • Adults seeking to enhance their career opportunities;
  • Educators seeking to re-certify; improve skills or expand specializations;
  • Individuals with short term needs and expectations;
  • Individuals seeking graduate degrees;
  • Individuals seeking enrichment activities;
  • Higher education faculty (full-time and adjunct) seeking an opportunity for creativity and experimentation;

Courses and programs are delivered at major regional educational centers in South Sioux City and Norfolk.


Long Term Strategic Goals

  1. To develop a strategic plan for the WSC Office of Continuing Education.

  2. To establish collaboration with other institutions of higher learning to provide dynamic lifelong educational opportunities for the people of our service region, state, nation, and world.

  3. To provide a model for the coordination of internal WSC services related to the Office of Continuing Education.

  4. To provide a model for coordination of external services related to the WSC Office of Continuing Education (Educational Service Units, community colleges, other state colleges, and the University of Nebraska.)

  5. To identify faculty throughout the WSC service region who are qualified and willing to teach via the WSC Office of Continuing Education.

  6. To explore flexible, alternative schedules for course delivery (and delivery modes) to meet the changing needs of non-traditional student.
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