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Career Services assists WSC students and Alumni plan for careers in teaching. The following resources are available to help you get started.


Sample Education Resumes & Cover Letters

Elementary Education Resume (1 Endorsement)
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Education Cover Letter
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Elementary Education/Special Education Resume (2 Endorsements)
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Education Thank You Letter
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Early Childhood Resume
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Health & Physical Education Resume
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Math Education Resume
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Self- Managed Credential File Instructions

What is a self-managed credential file?
A self-managed credential file consists of student teaching evaluations, signed letters of recommendation, and official transcripts. If you plan on sending your credential file out prior to graduation, we highly recommend including your incomplete official transcript. The self-managed credential file is collected, maintained, administered and sent by you directly to prospective employers.


Whom should I ask to write a letter of recommendation?

Cooperating teacher(s) (important for new teachers)

Site supervisor (important for new teachers)

Field experience teacher(s) Principal(s) or superintendent(s)
Teachers or administrators who observed you teaching Mentor teachers
Current or former employer from a related employment experience College faculty from your subject area (secondary)
A representative from a community service affiliation Current or former director/supervisor of volunteer experiences

What should a letter of recommendation look like?
A letter of recommendation should be typed or computer generated- nothing handwritten. Writers should limit their comments to one page and are encouraged to use official letterhead of their institution/company. If needed, a WSC Career Services reference form can be found here. It is important that the writer dates the letter and includes his/her signature and contact information. Your letters of recommendation should come from those who can speak directly to your abilities in the classroom and/or working with children. These career-related, not character references (friends, family, significant others), are most useful to employers.



How many letters should I collect?
We recommend you have a minimum of 3 recommendations to send to employers, with a limit of 6 recommendations total. You may need to ask 5-6 individuals that would be willing to write a positive letter of recommendation in order to meet the minimum number of references recommended.



How do I obtain letters of recommendation?
You may obtain letters of recommendation by requesting them directly from the writer. The following suggestions are also recommended:

For the writer’s convenience, enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope.

After you have received the letter of recommendation, it is appropriate to send a thank you letter to the writer.

Candidates should always retain the original letter of recommendation and only send copies to the employer. We recommend you maintain your credentials with current references (less than 5 years old). Older references are often viewed as irrelevant to your current level of expertise and/or experience.


How and when do schools receive my self-managed credential file?
You, as an applicant, are responsible for supplying your credentials when requested by the employer. Typically, this occurs during the application process. In some instances, employers do not request credentials until they have completed their initial screening process. Regardless, it is important you follow whatever process the employer indicates in the job posting. All application materials, including credentials, should be sent in a white, 9x13-inch envelope. It is recommended for address labels to be typed. Keep record of when and where you have sent your application materials.



What does a complete self-managed file “look” like?
A complete self-managed file would include a cover sheet, student teaching evaluations, 3-6 letters of recommendation and official transcript.  It is very important that your documents have a polished, professional appearance.



What does a complete application process “look” like?
The typical education position requires the following:

Cover letter


Resume Set of credentials



Can I mail all the above in one envelope?
Yes. Nationally, many school districts actually prefer this.



What if the advertisement asks for “official” credentials?
Simply send your self-managed set. If any employer has questions about your self-managed credentials, refer them to the WSC Career Services Office at (402) 375-7425/7327. We would be happy to answer any questions the employer may have.



Where can I obtain a copy of my student teaching evaluation?
Copies of your student teaching evaluations can be obtained from your cooperating teacher, supervising teacher or the WSC School of Education and Counseling. To obtain your student teaching evaluations from the WSC School of Education and Counseling, contact (402) 375-7389 for more information.



Where can I get a transcript?
Your transcript can be requested from the Registrar's Office. The Registrar's Office requires a written request before a transcript may be obtained. We highly recommend obtaining your incomplete official transcript prior to degree completion and a final official transcript upon degree completion. Alumni and Transfer Students should obtain transcripts from other colleges or universities where academic credits were earned. It is very important to update transcripts when you complete courses that pertain to your degree.



Can Career Services assist me with questions I might have about self-managed credential files or the education job search?
Absolutely! We want you to be successful in your job search. We are pleased to meet with you individually to answer any questions you may have about self-managed credentials, resumes, cover letters, job search strategies or career information. Contact Career Services for additional information.



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