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FAQs for Parents


When should my student start using Career Services?

It is never too early or too late to start using Career Services. We offer programs and resources that benefit first year students through alumni. Encourage your student to visit or call our office to determine what services could serve them best.


My student has chosen ____ major, what can s/he do with THAT?

One of the most popular resources on the Career Services website is What Can I Do With This Major? It is a great way to connect majors to common career areas that people enter with each degree. It also includes typical employers who hire graduates with those majors, strategies designed to maximize career opportunities and a list of web links to continue career exploration.


Additionally, it is important to help your student understand that many times, skills and experiences gained outside the classroom direct an individual’s career path. One major can lead to numerous careers and most careers can be entered with a variety of majors. The staff of Career Services and the Counseling Center are available to discuss majors and career goals with students during individual appointments.


What career fields are in demand?

Understanding supply and demand is an important part of career exploration. However, we caution students from making decisions based solely on market demands. Markets can fluctuate by the time a student graduates and supply and demand may differ by region. We encourage students to consider a variety of factors including interests, skills and values, when making career decisions


Resources for exploring supply and demand, along with salary statistics can be found under our General Job Search Infomation page.


How can my student find a part-time job?

We provide resources for students seeking part-time jobs both on and off campus. Students can search for positions within the community and surrounding communities on Cat Tracks.  Some of the campus offices that hire several students each semester are Facility Services, Chartwells Dining Services, Campus Recreation Center, Student Center/Student Activities, and Residence Halls. If your student has been awarded Federal Work Study as part of his/her financial aid package, the Office of Financial Aid will have a list of offices offering positions supported by the Federal Work Study program.


How can my student find an internship?
Will an internship delay his/her graduation date?

Your student should contact the Internship Coordinator in the Career Services office for assistance in finding a (paid or unpaid) work experience related to their major/minor.  Encourage them to start their job search early as many of these positions are not advertised and contacting potential employers takes time.


Internships can delay graduation for one semester or more (depending on the length of the assignment). Some internships require that students take a semester off from their studies to work full-time; however, there are also part-time and/or summer opportunities available. Internships are becoming more and more beneficial when competing in today’s job market. 


When should my student start searching for a job?

Students should plan on starting their job search two semesters prior to graduation.   Most jobs are found through networking, so it is important to start early. Career Services provides a wide range of services to help with the job search process, including cover letter/resume reviews, interviewing tips, mock interviews and other job search assistance.  We recommend that students make an appointment with Career Services to discuss their job search.

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