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Interview Tips - Recruiter Evaluation


Many recruiters use a candidate evaluation system with categories similar to the ones shown below. Candidates for positions should always attempt to make positive impressions. Read the information within each area and attempt to create the best possible impression by tailoring your interview style to highlight these special areas.


APPEARANCE: Grooming, posture, dress, behavior, manners and neatness.


PREPARATION: Knowledge of company and positions.  Prepare relevant and pertinent questions.


VERBAL SKILLS: Delivery and animation, presentation of ideas, grammar and vocabulary.


DIRECTION: Well-defined goals, confidence in abilities, realistic and practical.


MATURITY: Responsible, self-reliant and decisive.


SINCERITY: Genuine, wholesome attitude, honest and sincere.


PERSONALITY: Enthusiastic, motivated and assertive.  Be true to yourself.


QUALIFICATIONS/COURSE WORK: Academic preparation, work experience and a good match for position.


OVERALL EVALUATION: Long-range potential, drive, ambition, ability and qualifications.

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