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Immunization Requirements


Exemption:  The Nebraska State College System does have allowances for exemption from immunization.  An Immunization Waiver Form can be requested from the WSC Student Health Office pertaining to a medical, religious, or temporary exemption.


PDF - Student Health Form

Student Health Form

NOTE Now includes the Meningitis form


Areas of Interest


Goldenrod Hills Immunization Clinic

Goldenrod Hills Community Action is an immunization program that conducts 16 immunization clinics each month in 12 counties in the services area.  The clinics are open to the public and there are no income guidelines.  No one is denied immunizations for inability to pay.  For more immunization information call 402-529-3513.


NESIIS (Nebraska State Immunization Information System)

Your know a lot about your child.....favorite foods, favorite color.....But, do you know where your child's immunization records are?


NESIIS is a secure computerized data system that tracks the immunizations given to people in Nebraska. NESIIS is an across-the-lifespan system, which means that everyone, young and old, can keep their immunization information in one secure location. By keeping a record of the immunizations given, health care providers, parents, and legal guardians know when a person is up-to-date on the vaccinations they need.


Required Forms

Student Health Form

NOTE Now includes the Meningitis form

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