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What is SAB? – SAB stands for Student Activities Board, which is a student organization responsible for scheduling events for the entire campus, including everything from bingo night to hypnotists to the annual spring concert.


How do I join? – SAB is open to all students, so, by enrolling at WSC, you are technically a member! The next steps would be to join the Facebook group (WSC SAB ) and to attend our weekly meetings! Aside from special circumstances, meetings are every Wednesday at 5:30 PM in the Elkhorn Room.


Where can I find a schedule of SAB events? – There are multiple places to find an event schedule. The most convenient would be the website, which has a complete listing of all events in a semester here. There are also Facebook events made for each event (which you will automatically be invited to if you are in the Facebook group), and there are flyers in various places around campus (including the Student Activities Office on the first floor of the Student Center).


How do I become an officer in SAB? – Elections are held midway through the spring semester of each school year. The election process includes nominations, short ‘why I should win’ speeches, and voting; some positions require application process.


What if I have an idea for an event? – The best way to make your voice heard would be to come to a meeting and openly state your suggestion. This is how many events have come to be, including our Guitar Hero tournament. If you cannot make it to a meeting, or feel uncomfortable for any reason, we welcome you to make your voice heard in the Facebook group, to e-mail us at sab@wsc.edu, or to give us a call at (402) 375-7163!


More questions? – Feel free to contact us via any of the methods described above, or to simply find us around campus (a list of officers can be found on the website here)!


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