Intramural Officials - Test


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1. Requirement of an official:



2. Expectations of an official are all except:



3. Importance of the officiating position.



4. Attend all meetings



5. Maintain the safety of the area while on duty



6. Come to work prepared to watch.



7. Communicate problems or irregular situations immediately to the Intramural Director



8. Do not read, study, talk on cell phones, or text messages while on duty.



9. Officials should notify the IM Coordinator with any scheduling conflicts a

    minimum of hours?



10. These are the Professional Guidelines except:



11. Attendance at the IM meetings serve three purposes.



12. The first scheduled event for Intramurals.



13. A sample work day consists of the following:



14. Dealing with an irate participant an official should do the following:



15. An ejected participant should do the following:



16. Officials should officiate “pick-up games”.



17. An official should touch injured participants.



18. An official should contact the IM Coordinator if an injury occurs during play.



19. An official will gain respect by their peers by:



20. Officials should let them first few calls get the tone for the rest of the game.



21. An official should not anticipate where the play will take place and be there before it happens.



22. Officiating can be a rewarding experience if you are:



23. An official should be neat, clean and professional at all times.



24. All IM contests will be held as scheduled unless otherwise notified.



25. An official should sign his/her time card every week.






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