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The Pride of Wayne State College


Most Saturdays you can find Kelley Robinson, Justine Hiebner, and more than 100 friends together dressed in black dingles, strutting in their swag of suspenders, band coats, and instruments, jamming out in the stands and on the football field at Wayne State.




Kelley is a freshman this year and she wanted to be a part of something she never got to do in high school and so she chose the marching band.


“I knew the marching band at WSC was a big deal and I wanted to be a part of it,” Kelley says.


At halftime of home football games, all eyes are on the field waiting for the band.


“I always get a super excited feeling and I stand up a little straighter when I hear the announcer say, ‘And now the pride of Wayne State, the WSC marching band,’” Justine, a piccolo player, says.


“In the stands we do a lot of cool unique band cheers for the team,” Kelley says.


“It is really fun because when we get excited and pumped up the fans get pumped up and join in and cheer on our Wildcats,” says Justine.


The band has done hit shows every year. Last year was Gangnam style, and this year the band gets to march like zombies to their Sci-Fi theme.


“Gangnam style was really fun last year, because I felt like even though we were a small band we were doing something super cool, like bigger bands,” Justine says.


Not only is the band the pride of Wayne State College, they also participate in fun activities such as traveling to the zoo, laser tag, and even get paid to have fun and perform. The band performed at Lincoln Links Band Festival last year for high school students as part of their band trip. Underneath the lights the band marched, or, to be exact, danced to its own beat of Gangnam style.


“Since Gangnam style was the hit song at the time, the whole stadium started getting super excited when we first started playing. We danced for part of the song and as soon as we finished the whole stadium erupted and started cheering at the top of their lungs. I felt like a million bucks, and I’ve never been more proud to be a band nerd in my entire life,” Justine says.


The band has cool cats from every major involved.


“It’s not just music majors surprisingly,” says Kelley, an alto sax player.


“When I came in as a freshmen I didn’t know anyone, but now I have strong bonds with band kids who are some of my best friends,” Justine says.


When you’re a part of band….you’re kind of a big deal, just saying.

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