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Madison Becker Balances Pre-Med Studies, Service to State College System


Madison Becker, a junior from Hartington, Neb., began her relationship with Wayne State like many students and alumni: by attending the college’s annual Children’s Play, Science Day, district music contests, and sporting events.




“I felt like I knew the campus because I was here for so many events during school,” Madison said. “But it was the Rural Health Opportunities Program [RHOP] that sealed the deal. I have always wanted to be a doctor.”


Madison has made the most out of her time at Wayne State. She is a member of the Health Science Club and the Bicycle Club, which has worked with the college’s Green Bikes Program to put bikes in the hands of students who want to use them to get around Wayne. She served as the vice president of her hall during her time living in Anderson Hall and is one of two student coordinators for the New Student Orientation program at Wayne State.


One of Madison’s most rewarding experiences has been serving as a student trustee for the Nebraska State College System Board of Trustees. Gov. Dave Heineman selected her from a pool of three candidates last year to serve as Wayne State’s student representative on the board. Madison sits on the Student Affairs, Marketing and Enrollment Committee, as well as delivers reports to the board regarding campus activities at five meetings per year.


“It has been great to meet and get to know all of the people who work so hard to get students to enroll here and help them have the best experience while here,” she said. “My opinion about governance of the college and best practices is valued by college staff and trustees. I also have learned so much about the other colleges in the system and how closely related we are, yet so different in many respects.”


Dr. Todd Young, professor of physics at Wayne State serves as Madison’s adviser and recommended her for the student trustee position.


“She is one of the most diligent, hard-working students I’d ever had,” Young said. “In addition, she has displayed to me numerous times a keen mind and good critical thinking skills. She would often talk to me outside of class, not simply because she needed help on a particular problem, but because she wanted to know more about a specific concept or idea.”


While Madison finds time for her duties as a student trustee and club activities, most of her time is consumed by the rigors of pre-med classes.


“The classes are quite difficult but always interesting,” she said. “I love my professors. I try to take classes with those who interest me most. I completed most of my general education requirements while I was in high school, so I also have time to take classes outside of my major.  Right now I am taking piano lessons, which I have played since I was young. Last semester I even took a pickle ball class, which was a ton of fun.”


Madison credited her professors with helping her stay on track in RHOP.


“I just got out of a meeting with my advisor about the Medical College Admission Test [MCAT],” she said. “I have been so nervous about preparing for the exam and he had all the right answers for me. He helped me with a schedule and strategies to study for the exam. It was huge to me that he would volunteer to proctor the practice exam for me since it’s about five hours long. My professors are always there to help with study skills or to help you if you get behind or are just overloaded with work.”


“Outside of class, she is very friendly and easy to talk to in person,” Young said. “She has the confidence, intelligence, and communicative skills to be an excellent leader of people, as I’ve seen her become within the Rural Health Opportunities Program (RHOP), the WSC Health Science Club, and the classroom where group efforts are required. She has always been responsible and held herself in a professional manner.”

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