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Crystal Bredehoft Discovers Hidden Talents at Wayne State


Crystal Bredehoft says she never thought much about a career in art. In fact, she says, it never even crossed her mind.




But now, Crystal, a senior at Wayne State College, is just a semester away from concluding her major in Graphic Design and minor in Advanced Studio Art—something she never anticipated doing, but has come to love.


“I didn’t take art in high school at Battle Creek,” Crystal said. “I started messing with photos and text, and my teacher told me I should go into graphic design. I didn’t even know that was a major.


“But now, I feel like it’s what I was supposed to do.”


Crystal’s professors couldn’t agree more.


“She seems to love graphic design,” Assistant Professor of Graphic Design Joshua Piersanti said. “I see her doing projects all the time. She puts a lot of effort into her work. There’s always a lot of thought put into it. All her work is excellent.”


Besides graphic design, Crystal thoroughly enjoys her studio art courses, especially printmaking, which she said she likes “even more than photography.” Last summer, however, Crystal and several of her classmates competed in a sculpture contest called “Art in the Woods” for the Arbor Day Farm in Nebraska City.


For the contest, WSC art students created helicopter maple seed sculptures made of steel, cement, and Plexiglas.


“When we sent in the photos, I sent in the drawings and placed them in a real life setting so they could see what they would look like,” Crystal said. “It was really interesting to see how fast we got it done.”


Out of 35 artists, from eight states and Canada, only six were chosen. Crystal and others who helped with the project represented the WSC Art Club and traveled to Nebraska City to install their work.


“It was a team work thing, but it was awesome to see a sketch turn into something real,” Crystal said. “The sculpture will be up through this fall.”


Besides the Arbor Day Farm project, Crystal has seen many of her individual pieces on display on campus and out of state. She has displayed art in New York and has been selected several times as a featured artist in the Juried Student Art Exhibition, which is held on campus each semester.


“Just to have teachers pick out my art to be displayed is pretty awesome,” Crystal said.


Outside of class, Crystal served as the STRIDE art tutor for the first semester.


“It’s fun to help people and encourage them to find different ideas,” Crystal said. “It’s satisfying to see them learn the basic principles and branch out on their own.”


When she isn’t tutoring, taking pictures, reading or playing volleyball, Crystal is working on her internship as the Publicity Coordinator for the Student Activities Board, where she designs posters, ads, and distributes event materials.


“It’s encouraged me to get involved in other activities besides art,” Crystal said. “I’ve also learned about solving problems as a team and improving my work.”


Speaking of team work, Crystal has fallen into another role in the art department and among her peers—the role of senior leader.


“When I was a freshman, all the professors talked highly of the seniors, and now I feel like they are using us as role models,” Crystal said. “It feels good because we’ve worked hard these past four years.”


After graduation, Crystal would like to go into advertising or working with a magazine, preferably in Colorado, where her fiancé lives.


For those continuing their college career or considering a major in art, Piersanti said there are plenty of opportunities to get involved, including Art Club or entering online graphic design competitions.


There’s something for everyone in the realm of art, even those who have haven’t thought much about it.

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