Statistics from Completed Projects


Spring 2014 Semester

415 WSC students served approximately 5,000 hours completing 14 academic Service-Learning projects The students worked on collaborative projects with over 30 community partners under the direction of 19 WSC facultuy and staff members.


Additionally, two WSC students served as AmeriCorps Service Scholars at the Wayne Community Activity Center's after-school program completing 600 hours of service.



Fall 2013 Semester

In the 2013 fall semester 551 students and 25 WSC faculty and staff members participated in 18 Service-Learning projects in disciplines ranging from Art to Sociology. Students served approximately 6,460 hours while collaborating with over 45 community partners on specific needs objectives.


In addition, seven faculty and staff presented Service-Learning research data at the 13th annual International Association for Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement conference.



Spring 2013 Semester

545 students completed 23 projects/events (two co-curricular) serving over 8, 300 hours to meet the needs of approximately 40 community partners, under the direction of 30 faculty/staff members. The College Center also included two Service-Learning courses.


In addition, two WSC students served as AmeriCorps Service Scholars at the Wayne Community Activity Center's after-school program completing nearly 600 hours of service.



Fall 2012 Semester

530 students and 23 faculty/staff participated in 20 projects (two were co-curricular). The students and faculty/staff collaborated with approximately 55 community partners serving over 6,340 hours.



Spring 2012 Semester

Twenty-nine faculty and staff members and 536 students from 20 courses and four co-curricular groups completed 20 Service-Learning projects meeting the needs of 76 community partners providing a total of 7,369 hours of service.


Under a Nebraska Serve grant the Nebraska Campus Compact (NECC) office awarded WSC four AmeriCorps Service Scholar positions. The four WSC AmeriCorps scholars served 300 hours each at two area host sites over the summer of 2012.



FALL 2011 Semester

Thirty-seven WSC faculty and staff members worked collaboratively with 74 community partners on 23 Service-Learning projects. The projects involved 710 students enrolled in courses from Art to Sociology and one campus club.

A total of 8,560 hours of service were provided to meet the needs of community partners.


Service-Learning @ WSC became a founding member of the newly created Nebraska Campus Compact office. President Frye serves on both the Presidents Council and Executive Committee and Service-Learning Coordinator, Lisa Nelson is the chair of the Compact Advisory Committee.



SPRING 2011 Semester

Over 429 students participated in one of the 15 spring projects, placements, or co-curricular Service-Learning activities including an Alternative Spring Break trip.  twenty-seven faculty and staff members integrated S-L into their courses or clubs from a variety of disciplines, collaborating to meet the needs of approximately 50 community partners. 


In addition, Service-Learning at WSC earned the rank of third in the state of Nebraska for their 2010-2011 Service-Learning participation (Learn and Serve America Participants by State).

WSC was also named to the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll. Click on the link below to view the full honor roll.



FALL 2010 Semester

Thirty-two WSC staff and faculty members teaching 28 classes from
a variety of disciplines involved over 542 students and 45 community partners in 22 Service-Learning project/events. 

Faculty/staff/and students also presented Service-Learning best practices at the 7th Annual Conference on Service-Learning hosted by Doane College on October 2, 2010. 

Service-Learning Program founder Jean Karlen and Service-Learning Budget Manger Dawn Hirschman were honored at the conference with the Service-Learning Administration Commendation.    



SPRING 2010 Semester

The Spring 2010 semester was consistent with the fall semester. Service-Learning at Wayne State involved over 460 students, 26 faculty/staff from 10 disciplines, completing 17 projects, two Alternative Spring Break trips and two campus club (co-curricular) projects. Over 40 area agencies/organizations partnered with faculty, staff and students on projects to meet community needs.  The students as colleagues program remains successful with three students taking key leadership roles on campus projects. S-L @ WSC was also awarded an institutional Students Beyond Boundaries (SBB) grant to be used in the 2010-2011 semesters, and the first SBB grant continued into its second semester.


FALL 2009 Semester

In the Fall 2009 semester Service-Learning @ WSC involved over 450 students, 28 faculty/staff from 12 disciplines.  A total of 13 projects were completed, including the first Student Beyond Boundaries (SBB) project.

Incorporating a Social Media tool as part of the S-L experience is the focus of SBB projects.  Student and faculty who participated in S-L projects had the opportunity to work with approximately 35 area/community partners.  In addition, five faculty/staff members presented at the 6th Annual Midwest Consortium for Service-Learning conference.  One presenter also was honored with an award for research in the field of S-L.  The newly initiated students as colleagues program continued and three outstanding student received scholarships.


SPRING 2009 Semester

Over 500 students participated in one of the 20 projects/placements, including one Alternative Spring Break trip.  Twenty-six faculty and staff included S-L in 20 different courses from a variety of disciplines working with approximately 37 community partners.  In addition, S-L helped to support six faculty and three students who attended or presented at a professional conference.

Spring 2009 also was the first semester ‘students as colleagues’ book scholarships were introduced for outstanding S-L students in leadership roles.



SPRING 2008 Semester

28 Service-Learning projects and events included 600 students, 30 faculty and staff from 12 disciplines, 35 classes, 6 campus clubs/honor societies, and approximately 68 community partners.

S-L funding also provided funds for five faculty/staff members, four WSC students, and three consortium mentees to attend national conferences and two WSC Alternative Spring Break Trips!


FALL 2007 Semester

Approximately 1,165 students were involved in Service-Learning projects/events (record number), 32 faculty and staff from 12 disciplines, in 37 classes, 6 campus clubs/honor societies, and 40 community partners and sponsors.  Sub grant funds also provided funding for nine faculty/staff members who attended and/or presented at two Service-Learning conferences.


SPRING 2007 Semester

Service-Learning participants included over 450 students, 23 faculty and staff from 12 disciplines, in 22 courses, 4 campus organizations/clubs, and involved 55+ community partners and agencies.  Service-Learning sub-grants also provided the funding for national conference attendance for 2 faculty members.


FALL 2006 Semester

Service-Learning @WSC involved 400+ students, 29 faculty and staff, from 12 disciplines, teaching 16 coursers, 8 campus clubs/organizations. Projects included 54+ community partners.  S-L funding also provided conference opportunities for 16 faculty/staff, 5 WSC students, 2 Midland Lutheran mentees, and 2 community partners -attending 5 different conferences.



Participants involved with Service-Learning included 495+ students, 15 faculty members from 9 disciplines, 15 courses, 21 classes and 60 community agencies.  Additionally, 1 co-curricular project was completed.       


FALL 2005 Semester

Service-Learning participants included- 400+ students, 17 faculty and staff from 10 disciplines, 14 courses and 16 classes.  50 community agencies were involved. In addition, 2-co-curricular projects were completed.  Conference travel, attendance, and presentation where also made possible by sub grant funds to 13 WSC faculty and staff who attended the annual MCSLHE Conference at USD in Vermillion. 




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Wayne State College was named in the 2013 President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll!!


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