About Service Learning

“Serving to Learn and Learning to Serve”


Academic Service Learning

Academic Service Learning is a pedagogy that integrates service in the community with academic study (theory/curriculum).  Faculty, in partnership with representatives of non-profit, community organizations, design service learning projects based on two main objectives.


Strong reflective components are built into the course to help students consider relationships between their service, the course curriculum, and its impact on their personal values and professional goals.


Co-curricular Service Learning

Co-curricular Service Learning differs only with regard to a link to course content.  It maintains the service to meet a community need and includes strong reflection and evaluation components. Generally these service activities are directed under the leadership of student organizations and groups.”


(Adapted from The Midwest Consortium for

Service-Learning in Higher  Education, 2003)




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Wayne State College was named in the 2013 President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll!!


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Service-Learning Coordinator

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