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The offerings in Chemistry are for those students desiring a combination of scientific and professional knowledge that will assist them in rendering a service to the world in which science is of fundamental importance. The courses are basic to pre-professional areas and to careers in science.



  • Be adept in both the theoretical and technical aspects of chemistry.
  • Be able to think critically, communicate both verbally and in writing in a technical manner.
  • Have mathematical and mechanistic problem solving skills.

Faculty Tenure Track

- Darius Agoumba, Ph.D. (Analytical)

- Mary Ettel, Ph.D. (Inorganic)

- Sally Harms, Ed.D. (Science Education)

- Paul Karr, Ph.D. (Physical)

- David Peitz, Ph.D. (Organic)

-Gustavo Zardeneta, Ph.D. (Biochemistry)


Interim and Adjunct

- Endia Casey-Agoumba, M.S.

- Lindsay Headley, Ph.D.

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