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Paul Karr

Professor of Chemisty




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Teaching Interests

> General and Physical Chemistry



Research Interests

> DFT and Ab-Initio Computational Chemistry with emphasis on the comparison of experimental data to computed molecular geometry, molecular energy, reaction thermodynamics, frontier molecular orbital energies and spatial orientation, electrostatic potential energy surfaces and UV/Vis Spectra.

Contact Information

Department of Physical Sciences and Mathematics
Carhart Science 320, Wayne State College
1111 Main St , Wayne, NE 68787
Tel: +1(402)375-7518, Fax: +1(402)375-7441




> Ph.D.,Wichita State University, KS, 1993

> B.S., Missouri Southern State University - Joplin, MO, 1975



Professional Activities/ Awards

> American Chemical Society

> Nebraska Academy of Science

> American Association of University Professors (AAUP)



Recent Publications

> D'Souza, F.; Maligaspe, E.; Karr, P.; Schumacher, A. L.; Ojaimi, M. E.; Gros, C. P.; Barbe, J. M.; Ohkubo, K.; Fukuzumi, S.; "Face-to-Face Held Paceman Type Porphyrin-Fullerene Dyads: Design, Synthesis, Charge Transfer Interactions and Photophysical Studies" Chemistry European J. 2008, 14, 674-681.


> Youngshu Xie, Johnathan P. Hill, Amy Lea Schumacher, Atula A. D. Sandanayaka, Yasuyuki Araki, Paul A. Karr, Jan Labuta, Francis D'Souza, Osamu Ito, Christopher E. Anson, Annie K. Powell, and Katsuhiko; "Twisted Two-Faced Porphyrins as Hosts for Bispyridyl Fullerenes: Construction and Photophysical Properties" J. Phys. Chem. C 2008, 112, 10559-10572.


> Francis D'Souza, Raghu Chitta, Suresh Gadde, Lisa M. Rogers, Paul A. Karr, Melvin E. Zandler, Atula S.D. Sandanayaka, Yasuyaki Araki, and Osamu Ito. "Photosynthetic Reaction Center Mimicry of a Special Pair Dimer Linked to Electron Acceptors by a Supramolecular Approach: Self-Assembled Cofacial Zinc Porphyrin Dimer Complexed with Fullerene(s)" Chem. Eur. J. 2007, 916-922

> Amy Lea Schumacher, Atula S.D. Sandanayaka, Jonathan P. Hill, Katsuhiko Ariga, Paul A. Karr, Yasuyuki Araki, Osamu Ito, and Francis D'Souza. " Suprmolecular Triad and Pentad COmposed of Zinc-Porphyrin(s), Oxoporphyrinogen, and Fullerene(s): Design and Electron-Transfer Studies" Chem. Eur. J. 2007, 4628-4635


> Karr, P.A.; Zandler, M.E.; Beck, M.; Jaeger. J.D.; McCarty, A.L.; Smith, P.M.; D'Souza, F.  "Predicting the Site of Electron Transfer Using DFT Frontier Orbitals: Studies on Porphyrin Attached Either to Quinone or Hydroquinone, and Quinhydrone Self-Assembled Supramolecular Complexes" THEOCHEM 2006, 765, 91-103


> D'Souza, F.; Chitta, R.; Gadde, S.; McCarty, A.L.;
Karr, P.A.; Zandler, M.E.; Sansanyaka, A.S.D.;  
Araki, Y.; Ito, O.  "Design, Syntheses, and Studies of Supramolecular Porphyrin-Fullerene Conjugates, Using Bis-18-Crown-6 Appended Porphyrins and Pyridine or Alkyl Ammonium Functionalized Fullerenes" J. Phys. Chem. B 2006, 110, 5905-5913


> Hill, J.P.; Sansanyaka, A.S.D.; McCarty, A.L.;
Karr, P.A.; Zandler, M.E.; Charvet, R.; Ariga, K.;
Araki, Y.; Ito, O.; D'Souza, F.  "A Novel Bis (Zinc-Porphyrin)-Osoporphyrinogen Donor-Acceptor Traid:  Synthesis, Electrochemical, Computational and Photochemical Studies" Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2006, (3), 595-603


> Self-Assembled via Axial Coordination Magnesium Prophyrin-Imidazole Appended Fullerene Dyad:  Spectroscopic, Electrochemical, Computational and Photochemical Studies J. Phys.Chem. B 2005, 109, 10107-10114


> Spectral, electrochemical  and photophysical studies of a magnesium porphyrin-fullerene dyad Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2005, 7, 3163-3171


> Electrochemical, Spectral and Computational Studies of Metalloporphyrin Dimers Fromed by Cation Complexation of Crown Ether Cavities Inorganic Chemistry, Vol. 43, No. 22, 2004  6969-6978


> Highly Nonplanar, Electron Deficient, N-Substituted tetra-Oxocyclohexadienylidene Porphyrinogens:  Structural, Computational and Electrochemical Investigations J. Org. Chem. 2004, 69, 5861-5869


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