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Whether you are interested in working for a sporting goods manufacturer, a sport marketing firm, a professional or amateur sports organization, a sport media operation, an organization associated with leisure and fitness activities, or another segment of the sports industry, you should consider majoring in Sport Management at Wayne State College.


According to the SportsBusiness Journal, the sports business industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Sport management is a field concerned with the coordination of limited human and material resources, relevant technologies, and situational contingencies for the efficient production and exchange of the sport services/goods that contribute to the sports industry. Sport Management majors are offered an area of study in which they can combine their love of sport with specialized management training to pursue a rewarding career. Students end their experience at WSC with an internship.


Wayne State College offers a  Sport Management program designed to equip students to be leaders in a very competitive field. With the support of the program's alumni we have developed a strong reputation in the region's sports organizations. We also offer a major as well as a minor in sport management.


Academic Requirements

BUS 240 Accounting I 3
BUS 360 Management Theory and Practice 3
BUS 370 Principles of Marketing 3
GEO 325 Geography of Recreation, Tourism and Sport 3
PED 140 Intro to Sport Management 3
PED 277 Sport Information Systems 3
PED 295 Sport Management Public Relations and Comm. 3
PED 385 Sport Management Practicum (Evaluation Packet) 2
PED 390 Ethics in Sport Management 3
PED 405 Sport Business 3
PED 410 Sport Law 3
PED 411 Sport Marketing and Promotion 3
PED 450 Prog Manage in Sport 3
PED 464 Facility Management in Sport 3
PED 485 Sport in American Culture 3
PED 489 Fieldwork in Sport Management 12


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