How Are We Doing? Questionnaire for Cooperating Teachers - Spring, 2010
Please take a few minutes and answer the following questions. Your feedback will be very helpful as we plan for next year. Please be candid - we need your open and honest opinion. Thanks!
1. Was this your first experience as a cooperating teacher working with a student teacher? Yes No
2. Was this your first experience with a student teacher from Wayne State? Yes No
3. Are you a Wayne State graduate? Yes (Bachelor’s) Yes (Master’s) No
4. Please indicate your familiarity with our conceptual framework: (goals and objectives)
Never heard of it Heard of it, but don’t know what it is Vaguely familiar Very familiar
Related to your role as a cooperating teacher...
5. Do you feel you were provided enough information about your role as cooperating teacher? Yes No
6. Would a brief training session have been helpful to you? Yes No
7. Do you feel you were provided adequate on-going support from the Field Experience Office during the experience? Yes No
8. Suggestions/comments for how we might improve training and support for you?
Related to the college supervisor...
9. Please provide the name of the college supervisor:
10. Did the college supervisor provide you with his/her contact information? Yes No
11. Did the college supervisor review with you the policies and procedures for WSC student teachers? Yes No
12. Did he/she make sufficient and timely observations of the student teacher? Yes No
13. Were the suggestions made by the college supervisor helpful to you and the student teacher? Yes No
14. Do you feel you were provided enough on-going support from the college supervisor(s)? Yes No
15. Suggestions/comments regarding the college supervisor:
Related to the Student Teaching Handbook…
16. Did you receive a copy? Yes No  
17. Was the timing of when you received it okay? Yes No – would have liked it sooner
18. Did you read the Handbook? Yes-All Yes-Some No
19. If you did read it, was the material helpful? Yes-Very Yes-Somewhat Not really
20. Which do you prefer? Hard Copy On-line copy Both
21. Suggestions for how we might improve the Student Teaching Handbook?
Related to the required evaluation forms…
22. Were the evaluation forms generally easy to understand? Yes No
23. Did the rating scale (0-4) seem to be an appropriate way to indicate competency? Yes No
24. Did the categories on the forms allow for a good picture of the candidate’s skills? Yes No
25. Suggestions for how we might improve the evaluation forms?
Related to the required observations and weekly conferences we ask you to complete...
26. We required weekly sit down conferences. Was that: Not often enough Just right Too frequent
27. What are your thoughts about the required videotaping? Useful tool Not helpful
28. Did the observations/evaluations seem to work as tools for the improvement of teaching? Yes No
29. Suggestions for how we might improve the evaluation process?
Related to the requirements we have for student teachers…
Please rate the following requirements as to the usefulness for improving teaching: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
30. Must write a detailed lesson plans.
31. Must write a reflection on each lesson presented.
32. Must keep a journal of student teaching experience.
33. Must maintain a student teaching notebook.
34. Must solo teach a minimum of 20 consecutive days.
35. Must complete a Teacher Work Sample.
36. Suggestions for how we might improve and/or make changes to these requirements?
Some general questions…
37. How about the length of the student teaching experience? Appropriate Too short Too long
38. Was your student teacher: Early Childhood Elementary K-12 (Health/PE or Art or Music)
  Special Ed Middle Secondary (Subject: )
39. Did the student teacher seem well-prepared for student teaching? Yes No
40. Where did you see gaps in preparedness? Content knowledge Classroom management
(check all that apply) Professionalism Instructional technique
41. Any suggestions for how we can better prepare our students for the ‘real world’ of teaching?
42. Any suggestions for how we can improve the student teaching experience?
43. Would you consider having a Wayne State student teacher in the future? Yes No
Thank You!