How Are We Doing? Questionnaire for Field Experience Cooperating Teachers, Spring, 2010
Please take a few minutes and answer the following questions. Your feedback will be very helpful as we plan for next year. Please be candid – names are not required. Thanks!
1. Was this your first time as a school-based cooperating teacher providing field experience? Yes No
2. Was this your first time to have a field experience student from Wayne State? Yes No
3. Are you a Wayne State graduate? Yes (Bachelor’s) Yes (Master’s) No
4. Please indicate your familiarity with our conceptual framework:
Never heard of it Heard of it, but don’t know what it is Vaguely familiar Very familiar
5. Do you feel you were provided enough information about your role as cooperating teacher? Yes No
6. Would a brief training session (with the Director of Field Experience) have been helpful? Yes No
7. Do you feel you were provided enough on-going support during the experience…
…from Wayne State faculty? Yes No Comments:
…from the Field Experience office? Yes No Comments:
8. Suggestions/comments for how we might improve training and support for you?
Related to the placement process…
9. Were you provided adequate information about the teacher candidate? Yes No
10. What information is helpful to you? Class Schedule Phone Number E-Mail  
  Any other information that would be helpful?
11. Suggestions/comments for how we might improve the placement process?
Related to the required evaluation form you used to evaluate the candidate…
12. Was the form generally easy for you to understand? Yes No
13. Did the rating options seem to be an appropriate way to indicate competency? Yes No
14. Did the categories on the form allow for a good picture of the candidate’s skills? Yes No
15. Suggestions for how we might improve the evaluation forms?
Some general questions…
16. Was your teacher candidate: Early Childhood Elementary K-12 (Art or Music or Health/PE)
  Special Ed Middle Secondary (Subject: )
17. Was this field experience: Observation (Intro to Professional Education)
  Intermediate (Intro to Instruction, Clinical I, Secondary Schools Practicum)
  Advanced (Clinical II, Content-Area Practicum)
18. Did the teacher candidate seem ready and/or prepared for this level of experience? YesNo
19. What could Wayne State faculty do to better prepare teacher candidates for this level of experience?
20. Any advice we could pass along to teacher candidates about what will be most helpful to them to know?
21. Any suggestions you have for improving field experience overall?
22. Would you consider working with a Wayne State teacher candidate in the future? Yes No
Thank You!