Middle Grades Education

Objectives: Individuals are provided with opportunities to development knowledge, understanding, skills, and competencies for teching grades four through nine. On completion of the program, the student is prepared for a teaching position grades four through nine.


General Education Requirements:  Minimum 44 hours (see catalog)


Specific courses required to meet General Education and state certification: Middle Grades endorsement majors must take:

  • MAT 210 Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers 1 (3) to satisfy the Block 2 Mathematics General Education requirement.
  • choose a literature course in Block 3 of the General Education program, and
  • either the art course or the music course in Block 3 of the General Education program

Transfer students:

Students transferring from a Nebraska community college with an AA, or AS degree may have to take additional courses to meet state requirements as follows:  coursework in communication, including composition and speech; health and wellness; humanities, including literature; mathematics; natural sciences; social sciences; and fine arts.



Middle Grades 4-9 Professional Education Courses: 32 hours


EDU 150   Professional Education in a Diverse Society 3
EDU 250   Human Development and Cognition 3
EDU 275   Intro to PK-12 Instruction 3
SPD 301   Inclusive Practices for General and Special Educators 3
EDU 406   Classroom Management 3
EDU 409   Content Area Methods & Assessment (one of two content areas) 3
EDU 414   Content Area Clinical Experience 1
EDU 435   Clinical Experience II 1
EDU 454   Student Teaching and Seminar for the Middle Grades 4-9 12



Field Endorsement in Middle Grades Education 4-9 (BA or BS)   62-72 hours


EDU 216   Children's Literature 2
EDU 332   Development of Language Arts in the Elem/Middle School 3
EDU 341   Intermediate Reading 3
EDU 350   Middle Grades Teacher 3
EDU 409   Content Area Methods & Assessment (two of two content areas) 3
EDU 423   Development of Social Studies in the Elem/Middle School 3
EDU 430   Literacy Assessment 3
EDU 431   Development of Science in the Elem/Middle School 3
EDU 432   Development of Math in the Elem/Middle School 3



Middle Level endorsees must choose two content areas from the following list.   Many General Education courses will also count for courses in your content area which affects the total number of hours required to complete the Middle Level Endorsement. 



Content Area Hours
Business Education 18
Family & Consumer Science 19
Foreign Language 18
Health & Physical Education 18
Industrial Technology 18
Language Arts 19
Mathematics 22
Natural Science 18-19
Social Science 24


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