Education Specialist

School Administration/Educational Leadership


Typical Program of Study

The Education Specialist (Ed.S.) degree is a 33-hour program offered totally online and is available for those individuals desiring a School Superintendent position.


The applicant must possess a Master's degree or endorsement in education-school administration from an accredited institution. Applicants with a master's degree in other education fields will be required to complete deficiency hours.


Required Courses 30 hours
EDU 700   The Superintendency (3)
EDU 704   School Law for Administrators (3)
EDU 705   Problem Resolution in Educational Organizations (3)
EDU 710   School Improvement Planning (3)
EDU 725   Educational Facilities Planning (3)
EDU 730   Human Resources Administration (3)
EDU 740   Educational Finance and Business Management (3)
EDU 750   School and Community Relations (3)
EDU 760   Information Management (3)
EDU 786   Advanced Internship In Educational Leadership (3)


Elective: EDU 790 Special Topics in Educational Administration (3) or course at 600 level or above approved by advisor.

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