Masters of Science in Education

Curriculum and Instruction - Instructional Leadership/        Social Sciences Education


Program of Study - 39 hours


Professional Education Core Courses (15 hours)

EDU 603 Introduction to Graduate Studies & Research (3)
EDU 652 Instructional Theory & Practice (3)

EDU 658 Fundamentals of Curriculum Dev. PK-16  (3)
EDU 674 History & Philosophy of Education (3)


Content Area of Concentration (27 hours)

     The graduate emphasis in the Social Sciences offers a wide range of disciplines for students to engage.  It should have particular appeal for those interested in furthering their skills and foundation in teaching careers in secondary and post-secondary education, and for students without a teaching certificate but interested in graduate-level discipline-based course work.
      Social Sciences courses (21 hours) including at least nine (9) hours from one content area, and at least six (6) hours from another content areas, plus six (6) hours of electives by advisement and approval of the Dean of the School of Education and Counseling.  Additionally, students are required to complete a final research (SSC 695 or other prefix, 3 hours) and an applied discipline-based research experience (SSC 695 or other prefix, 3 hours).



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