Masters of Science in Education

Curriculum and Instruction - Instructional Leadership/      English Education


Program of Study - 36 hours


Professional Education Core Courses (12 hours)

EDU 603 Introduction to Graduate Studies and Research (3)
EDU 652 Instructional Theory & Practice (3)

EDU 658 Fundamentals of Curriculum Dev. PK-16  (3)
EDU 674 History/Philosophy of Education (3)


Content Area of Concentration (21-24 hours)

      The English faculty encourages students to use their graduate programs of study to gain a broad-based education.  Beyond the required hours in Education, students will select from a rotation of seminars in English in literature, creative writing, criticism, linguistics, and related topics.
      Admission to English Program:  Upon application to the program, candidates for the MSE in English are required to submit to the English Department Graduate Committee a writing sample (an academic essay of five or more pages) as well as a letter of application specifying their preparation and goals.  They must also be interviewed by the English Department Graduate Committee.


Electives (0-3 hours; 600 level or above)


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