Masters of Science in Education

Curriculum and Instruction - Instructional Leadership/         Early Childhood Education


Program of Study - 36 hours


Professional Education Core Courses (6 hours)

EDU 603 Introduction to Graduate Studies & Research (3)

EDU 652 Instructional Theory & Practice (3)


Content Area of Concentration (28-30 hours)

1.   Students who are interested in pursuing the MSE in Curriculum & Instruction-Instructional
      Leadership/Early Childhood Education must possess a bachelor’s degree and a completed
      Elementary Education and/or Special Education endorsement if seeking the ECE
2.   Students without either of these endorsements may be required to take additional courses if
      their preparation is determined to be deficient.
3.   The Professional Education Core Courses are:
      EDU 603 Introduction to Graduate Studies and Inquiry (3)
      EDU 652 Instructional Theory and Practice (3)
4.   *Any student who has completed SPD 430 and/or SPD 452 at WSC or an equivalent from
      another institution should not enroll in the 500-level courses or their equivalent.  The
      students will enroll in courses approved by the advisor to replace SPD 530 and/or SPD 552
      or their equivalent.
      **Take FCS 616 for 3 hours if pursuing the MSE-Thesis option; Take FCS 616 for 5 hours if
      pursuing the MSE-Non-Thesis option or Endorsement.
      EDU 605 Curriculum and Methods Appropriate for Ages Birth-8 (3)
      EDU 617 Assessment of Needs for Young Children Birth-8 (3)
      EDU 632 Clinical for Early Childhood (3)
      EDU 658 Fundamentals of Curriculum Development PK-16 (3)
      FCS 520 Infants/Toddlers Through Primary Children Birth-8 (4)
      FCS 530 Organization/Administration of Early Childhood Programs (3)
      FCS 616 Early Childhood Practicum with Applied Research (3-5)**
      *SPD 530 Behavioral Intervention for the Least Restrictive Environment (3)

                        or Advisor-Approved Substitution
      *SPD 552 Consultation and Collaboration Practices for Exceptional Learners (3)

                        or Advisor Approved Substitution



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