Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction-

Instructional Leadership


The Curriculum and Instruction-Instructional Leadership program is designed primarily for K-12 teachers who wish to remain in the classroom and combine a teaching enhancement program with leadership and curriculum development skills. The Curriculum and Instruction-Instructional Leadership program is designed to: (1) provide elementary, secondary, and special education teachers with a learning environment conducive to sharing knowledge, skills and experience promoting a broad base understanding and the building of a school community. (2) provide a learning environment for PK-12 teachers to interact with prospective school counselors and administrators in study, problem solving, and research application. (3) address the needs of students through the study and research of changing demographics particularly as it relates to the family. (4) refresh, update, and extend the knowledge of student-selected content area concentrations in certifiable subject areas. (5) to provide a diversity of learning opportunities for the pursuit of knowledge and truth in an atmosphere of free inquiry and open discussion. (6) advance the ideas of scholarly research and creative effort in education and enrich the cultural dimensions of society.


This degree offers the following Content Area Concentration options:

Alternative Education Industrial Technology Education
Business & Info Technology Education Community of Learning--Instructional Leadership
Early Childhood Education Mathematics Education
Elementary Education Music Education
English Education Reading Specialist PK-12

English As A Second Language

Science Education
Family and Consumer Science Education

Social Sciences Education


Typical Program of Study:

MSE Curriculum and Instruction-Instructional Leadership- 36 hours


Professional Education Core Courses (12 hours)

EDU 603 Introduction to Graduate Studies (3)

EDU 652 Instructional Theory & Practice (3)

EDU 674 History/Philosophy of Education (3)

EDU 693 Research Seminar (3)


Electives (0-12)

EDU 626 Advanced Educational Psychology (3)

EDU 627 Current Issue and Trends (2)

EDU 655 School Law:  Operational Aspects & Cases (3)

EDU 658 Fundamentals of Curriculum Development P-16 (3)


Content Area of Concentration Selected from Above (15-30 hours)


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