Counseling Graduate Assistantships


The Counseling Department has two or more graduate assistantship positions available each year.  These assistantships provide a stipend for an academic year, plus tuition, and permit the holder to enroll for no more than nine (9) credit hours of graduate course work while completing a teaching or non-teaching assignment.  The load for a student assigned to an academic area will be:

               a) teaching the equivalent to six (6) credit hours at the undergraduate level, or

               b) providing non-teaching program assistance, approximately 16-20 clock hours, or c) completing an 

                    equivalent combination of teaching and non-teaching assignments.




  • Meet all WSC application and Graduate Counseling program admission requirements;
  • Be working towards completion of a master's degree at Wayne State College;
  • Candidates must have an above average scholastic record;
  • Teaching experience;
  • Appropriate recommendations




Applications must be submitted to the Graduate Office at the college by April 1 for the following school year.  Applicants must apply for Graduate Studies before applying for an assistantship position. 

The assistantships awarded for the following year will be announced during the spring semester.

Contact Vickie Loofe in the Graduate Office at 402-375-7232 or







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