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TASC - ITE Competition

Mouse Traptor Pull

Vehicle Design and Construction

  • The Vehicle can be powered by up to three standard household mousetraps. Additional springs, rubber bands, etc. will disqualify the vehicle. The base cannot be cut or altered although a reasonable number of small holes can be drilled for mounting purposes, only the center "cheese holder" and arm-retaining device can be removed. The trap arm can be extended and/or bent.

  • The mousetrap must travel with the Vehicle.

  • The frame, wheels and axles may be made from any material. These parts have no size or weight restrictions other than to fit on the track.

    Note: Wheels must be made from materials the student has designed or put together. Commercially made wheels disqualify the entry. Various materials such as paper, wood, cardboard, can lids, balls, etc. can be used.

  • The Vehicle can be no longer than 16 inches in its extended configuration.

  • The Vehicle must have a 3/8" diameter hole, 2" above ground level and behind the rear wheels for a "screen door" (hook and eye) style hook to attach to the sled.

  • All vehicles will be checked the day of the competition. Vehicles not meeting the specifications will be disqualified.

  • The student's name and school must be displayed on the vehicle.



  • The track will be of sanded plywood, 28 inches wide and a full pull distance of 60 inches.

  • Weight will be added to the sled until no traptor can attain a full pull.

  • All traptors will be grouped into one category with no distinction made between traptors using one, two or three mousetraps.


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