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Bridge Building


Contest purpose

Provide students an opportunity to design and build the most efficient bridge possible


1. The bridge must be constructed of 1/8" x 1/8" balsa wood strips.
2 . Each bridge must adhere to the following design specs and joint connections.

  • Sticks can be laminated as shown in the attached drawing. (Laminating is further defined as any parallel connection of two or more pieces for more than 1" in length.)
  • Bridges must accommodate a 1" x 2" x 10" test block placed on the road bed.
  • The road bed must accommodate a bolt through center of test block (1" x 1").
  • Span of the opening is 12", Bridge length a maximum of 16".
  • Width of the bridge must be 4"
  • Substructure - below road bed 1" maximum
  • Maximum of 25 g.
  • The length of the sticks can be a maximum of 10" .
  • Load will be tested on road bed of bridge.
  • Road bed is defined as the place where bridge rests on testing apparatus. The bridge testing apperatus is considered the approach to the bridge.

Bridges will be tested using efficiency formula:

Amount of weight hold
Weight of bridge

= Efficiency


Go to Bridge Diagram

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