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CO2 Powered Egg Hauler contest


This contest will be a new event that will test the student’s ability to design and construct a CO2 powered vehicle able to haul one egg 45 feet and stop within 15ft. with the egg intact.    The vehicle will stop with in the 15 ft. or collide with a solid wall.

*The vehicle must fit in an 11” x 17-1/2”x9” deep paper box with the box lid in place. 
*One standard Pitsco CO2 cartridge to propel the vehicle will be allowed. 
*The starting gate will be the regular firing pin and string guidance will be provided. 
*The contest winner will be the vehicle that travels the 45 feet the fastest and keeps the egg uncracked as the vehicle comes to a stop.

Call Mr. Vander weil for further details   402 375-7283

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