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Schools are encouraged to establish design teams to participate in this contest although individuals can participate as well. Two team/individual entries per school will be allowed (maximum). One member of the team must be designated to represent the team.

Contest Requirements:

1.  Projects will be constructed in the home laboratories of high school participants.
2.  Teams are encouraged to contact their local lumber supplier to gain a donation of material for the project.
3.  One standard spruce/pine/fir construction grade two by four that is ten feet in length is the only material allowed for construction of this project.
4.  Teams may manipulate the material in any way they see fit.  Fasteners such as screws, bolts, and glues may be used in addition to the base 2 x 4.
5.  Projects may also be finished with stains, paints, varnishes and colorants to enhance the appearance of the final design.
6.  A photograph of the completed project, along with a description the process used to create it, its function, and design characteristics, must be submitted to the Department of Technology and Applied Sciences at Wayne State College, no later than March 15, 2013.  This picture can be delivered by mail or as an email attachment to  Projects lacking pre-submission photographs will have a significant reduction in points as part of the judged competition.
7.  Projects should be delivered to Benthack Hall, no later than 8:00 A.M., March 20, 2013, during the ITE Competition.
8.  Submissions will be judged before being placed on display at 10:00 a.m. While projects are being judged the display area will be closed to the public and will be opened again once judging is completed. The location of the display is still to be determined but MAY be located in the WSC Student Center. 
9.  Winning projects will be awarded certificates from in the Department of Technology and Applied Science.


Criteria for judging:

1.  Each submitted project will be weighed to determine that it is within a margin of plus or minus 10% of the average weight of a standard two by four, ten feet in length.
2.  Judges selected from the staff of Wayne State College will critique each project and award points for the following characteristics:

  • quality of craftsmanship
  • quality of design
  • creativity
  • functionality and/or aesthetic quality
  • preliminary photos and description of design  and construction

3.  Individual scores will be tabulated and averaged from the judging jury to determine placing entries.  A written summation of jury comments will be mailed to all participant instructors after ITE Competition conclusion.
4.  Supervision will be provided over the display area for the competition during the ITE Competition.  At the completion of the awards ceremony, participants may pick up their projects to take home with them. Projects left at WSC after the ITE Competition will be disposed of by the staff at WSC.

For further information, contact Dr. Kevin M. Miller at 402-375-7512 or


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